Friday, December 9, 2016

Post Mission

It's already been almost 5 months since we returned home from our mission.  We have been so busy trying to get our new home finished, moving things out of our old home, traveling, and helping at the Caramel Tree.  Life is busy.
I wanted to complete this blog by posting some of the pictures of the last week in the mission and the trip home from New York.
We were given permission to go to Boldt Castle before we were released.  We drove over on a beautiful Saturday morning.  It is really worth seeing!  George Boldt loved his wife and had a castle built on this island that was excavated to resemble a heart.  (Heart Island) and it was almost complete when she got sick and died.  He was giving it to her for a valentine's present.  He stopped all the work and it was never completed.  It was in bad shape when the State of New York acquired it and now shows it for a fee.
This is the entry way to the island

This is the boat house.  It has 6 full size boats in  it and room for more
Elder Merrill looking up toward the main part of the castle
We met in New York on July 18th.  We came into the airport at the same time.  It was so much fun!  We were released this day!


We were able to see the Lion King
This is our trailer!  It is full!  We flew back to Rochester from New York City and drove home from there.
Kirtland Temple
Nauvoo Temple
Statue of Joseph and Hyrum leaving Nauvoo
We made it home!  It is so good to be with our family!