Sunday, January 24, 2016

January 24, 2016

We started out the week by having our weekly office meeting.  I was assigned the Spiritual thought.  Well, it wasn’t even sad, but I couldn’t keep from crying through the entire thought.  Here is the scripture:  Helaman 5:12 And now, my sons, remember, remember, that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, when all his hail and his mighty storm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereupon if men build they cannot fail.  Isn’t this great counsel to those you love so much, it is beautiful!  I don’t know what happens to me when I start to read out loud—it just starts leaking out.  If I could just hold a straight face or even talk half way normal, but no—I have to squish my face all up and then try to squeak out one syllable at a time.  It’s not a pretty thing!
On Tuesday Elder Merrill had a pick up that needed to go to Canandaigua so I followed him in our car and we drove there.  Yes, I can actually drive in New York.  I still don’t like lots of traffic, but I usually try to go when it isn’t rush hour.  We found a diner there called ‘Eric’s Office’ that had really good lunch.  We shared a French dip and loved it.  We went back to the office and finished our work for the day and went home.
On Wednesday we hurried into the office to get a few things and then we drove over to Amherst (in Buffalo) for the world-wide conference for missionaries.  We had been told about the conference a couple of weeks ago and we all thought that there would be some BIG changes or something else for the church to have all missionaries attend this meeting.  It lasted 2 hours and was really good.  It was a boost or shot in the arm, and there were a few things that have emphasis changed, but nothing drastic or shocking.  We had it in 3 areas for the mission and we volunteered to go over the Amherst so we could see the Aldrich’s and how they were doing.  It was good to see that they were happy and doing well.  I love how he is so good with the young missionaries and always positive and happy.  (she is too)  They told us a story of how 4 elders wanted to ride with them in a 5 passenger car and how the one smallest elder volunteered to be bungie corded into the cargo area of his SUV.  (because that would be the seat belt)  Well, Steve told them that would still not be legal and that he didn’t want to bend the rules, but they were certain they wouldn’t be caught.  He told them that he had seen such a thing at a circus one time when a bunch of clowns came piling out of a car.  He mentioned that ‘someone’ would know about it.  They didn’t catch his drift for a few minutes. 
I have a question—how do you find someone’s phone number or address from the white pages anymore?  I was about ready to scream the other day when I tried to get an address.  I had the name and then when I clicked on it the computer promptly began compiling criminal histories, court records, and many other pieces of information that I wasn’t interested in.  Then, they make you pay for this unwanted information.  I really think we are all being processed way too much!  Of course I didn’t pay for it and then I didn’t get the address.  I tried several googles, and other searches, but they all want to do the same thing.  HELP!  It is very frustrating!  I sure don’t want all of my information posted for the world to buy.  (of course it won’t be very interesting) 
The Haggerty’s came to the office on Thursday and Leslie and I practiced a few musical numbers that we are going to do with the Primary kids.  It was nice and then we took them over to Tom Wahl’s afterward for a burger.  I think that they liked it.
We went to the Temple after work on Friday.  It is so relaxing.  I love being able to go there and feel of the Spirit.  We went with the Spencer’s and Bill and Leslie.  Leslie has hearing aids and has used them for several years, but something has happened and her hearing is getting worse.  She was really sad when she finished the session because she couldn’t hear or understand what the worker was telling her.  It was frustrating to her.
On Saturday we got up earlier than usual and went over to work at the Bishop’s Storehouse.  We were there for 2.5 hours and had a great time helping.  There were some orders that seemed a little excessive in what they had ordered and the amount needed.  One of the people that work there was talking with us and said that it would be easy to be critical of the orders or how they were placed, but it isn’t up to us to make that type of judgment call because it was done by their leader and they know the needs of their people.  (he didn’t say it as a reprimand—just that he had to remind himself of it also)  That is so true, we need to not criticize things that we don’t understand.   
We have a young sister that lives in Canandaigua that needed her insulin.  Today was the last that she had and we got additional medicine in the mail yesterday from home (In the nick of time).  We took her the package right after the project at the storehouse.  I have really been thinking about the trials we are all given and how some have so many difficulties.  Diabetes, heart attack, kidney failure, strokes, injury, blindness, deafness, loneliness, depression, deaths of loved ones, addictions, cancers, etc.  We need to remember that Christ suffered everything and that we can turn to him with our needs.  It’s easy to wish that all of these trials could be removed from us; but we need to remember that trials are meant to be trying.  (I’m talking myself through this hard subject—I need this review)  We need to prove ourselves worthy.  He is there to help us!
The Spencer’s were with us Saturday and we went over to Warsaw to deliver a pick up to them.  (they had wrecked it and we were returning it to them repaired)  We drover to Letchworth State Park afterward and it was so funny when we got out at a viewpoint of the canyon.  Elder Spencer said that he wanted to get a picture of them and then a gust of wind came up and her hair blew straight up and he said, “oh, never mind”.  It was pretty funny!

This year's icicle contest is officially over!  The pictures doesn't do it justice, but they are from the top of the canyon to the bottom.

We have had a little snow this week.  The east coast is getting hammered, but we are doing great here.  The temperatures are a little colder, but the snow isn’t too bad.  I got out my boots a few days this week, but really didn’t need them.  This is so much different than when we arrived here last year.  It seemed to snow about 2 inches every night for 3 months.  We had plenty of snow and to spare.  We took this picture on Monday of a field covered with geese.  I can’t even imagine how many geese are in this gaggle (gaggle, right?? Flock) There were several fields that had this many or more.  Really beautiful, I hope they don’t just look like snow on the ground. 
The top part of the picture is not snow, it is geese
We have decided that it really isn’t that humid here.  It is DRY!  We kept saying that there was lots of humidity-- and in the summer there was more, but our skin and hair is really dry.  (just like Idaho)  We need not be homesick!

We are starting to see more deer again.  We think that they were hiding during hunting season because we didn't see many, but now they are back in plain view and being hit on the road again.  The picture is of a big bunch grazing out in the field. This was in someones back yard.

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