Sunday, March 20, 2016

March 20, 2016

We were called last Sunday with the bad news that Brook and Heidi Summers and Dave and Jessica Anderson had been killed in a small plane accident.  We are so sad for their children and others close to them; including our great friends Chuck and Janet Summers.  Our kids had grown up with Brook-- and Brad had continued his friendship with Dave and Brook.  Brook has been our dentist.  We are all shocked.  Our lives do not have a guarantee and there isn’t an expiration date on us.  This life is the time to prepare to meet God.  I can really see that putting off until tomorrow the things we should do today is NOT a good life slogan.
We have been trying to keep busy at work and home to help take our minds off things at home and lessen the sadness.
Crazy sign in window.  LOL!  This helps!
We caught up on our work that we missed while home.  Last Sunday evening I got to help with the mission audit.  We were about through with it when my computer locked up and wouldn’t go any further.  We worked on it and tried several things, but it wouldn’t budge.  We did the ctrl/alt/delete and held our breath.  When we logged back onto the program it had saved it!  Yeah!  (we had worked on it for 3 hours and the auditor didn’t know when he could come back)  I got it turned in Monday morning and was relieved to have that completed.  (I passed with a couple of unsigned bills and a credit card bill that didn’t match the statement.  The statement said $24.90 and the bill said $25.00.  One dime was the thing that we got called on; not too bad)
We had a baptism this week of a man named John Ward.  He is a very nice man that is Irish and was Catholic.  He was very sweet and wanted to talk after the service.  He thanked everyone that had helped him and was so grateful for their attendance. 

We went to the Temple Friday night and then to work at the Bishop’s storehouse on Saturday morning.  That was a good experience.  We were there a few weeks ago, and now they are so much more organized.  It will be dedicated in April and then it will be really be a place that can change lives.   It seems that there are so many people here that need assistance and I am glad that our church is willing and able to help them.
We followed a sign that said, 'Maple Open House' and found them cooking the sap into syrup.  They told us that it isn't a good year for maple because of the mild winter.  It takes almost 50 gallons of sap to make one of syrup.  Their process was a good one and they filtered the end product very well.  We like the flavor or their syrup and bought a small bottle.

  We drove over to Geneva yesterday to take keys to the elders that left their bag with their keys at the Dr. office in Rochester.  They were glad to have access to their car again.  They arrived after us and they were with a nice, older gentleman.  He was taking them around to appointments.  He introduced himself as a 50 year eternagator (eternal investigator).  He really likes the church, but can’t seem to take the plunge.  I wanted to say, “What are you waiting for, life is short??” but I didn’t.
We talked with Debby Horsley yesterday and she told us of her trial of having to have open heart surgery while on her mission.  It sounds like it was pretty scary.  She had an aneurism that was very dangerous.  We are grateful that she has been through the surgery and is recovering now.  So, it appears that missions do not protect us from health problems, or sadness, or death.  I’ve had to rethink that hypothesis.  I almost thought that if our family could be protected and miracles could occur, a mission is the place for us for many years; but the Lord doesn’t work that way, does he?  He lets our trials come when they come and then helps us through them.  We have prayed for extra servings of the Holy Ghost to be with us and others to help ease the pain.  I believe that we have been given a portion of that blessing.
We have a fireside tonight and it is about time to get ready. 

Happy Birthday last week little Adie!
Happy Easter!  We love you all!

Cute lawn decorations for Easter!

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  1. I have also thought about your comment about being on a mission doesn't mean you won't have any trials. It reminds me of the saying. "just because you don't eat meat doesn't mean the bull won't charge you." I know that our family has had blessing from you serving a mission. I am grateful for your willingness to serve. You guys are amazing. But like you said it doesn't mean we won't have trials. Love you guys so much. Keep working hard.