Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 17, 2016

Another week gone!  We have 13 weeks left, but who’s counting? The weather is getting warmer and the trees and bushes are starting to have a hint of green.  It’s SPRING!
We made the ice cream and it was GREAT!
We had a good week in the office and were able to deliver all of the new cars to the missionaries and take care of what we needed to do at the office.  On Thursday we drove over to Buffalo and exchanged cars with 2 sets of missionaries.  We each drove a car back to Pittsford.  I am getting more comfortable driving here (as long as I have Elder Merrill in sight).
We went to Dansville and Bath with cars yesterday (Saturday) and went a little further and went to the Corning Glass Museum.  It was a nice day and we enjoyed it!  
Glass replica of the Liberty Bell
Small depiction of the glass factory at work
Glass evening gown, reminds me of Cinderella
We talked to a lady in Dansville that said she was anxious to go camping.  She said that she goes about 12 miles from her home and camps.  It’s weird to think about going camping here—because all of trees and area make you feel that you are already out in nature and camping.
We had high council Sunday today and we also had munch and mingle afterward.  We had a baptism following munch and mingle and so the day was longer than usual, by 2 hours.  The high council member that spoke had to release himself before his talk.  It was unique!  His talk was odd and the first time that I have heard ‘Brokeback Mountain’ quoted in a talk.  He did have good points in his talk, but there were a few things that made me cringe a little.
We went to a missionary fireside tonight at the Palmyra Stake Center.  John Ward, a recent convert, spoke of his conversion and the things he has gone through in his life.  He is lucky to be alive and is trying to do what he needs to do to have an eternal family.  His wife passed away when his youngest child was 5.  She had cancer and had to endure many things.
I have been reading a book that records the missionary efforts of George Cannon to Hawaii.  There were so many people there that listened to the missionaries and were baptized.  It seems that we have some success here, but not that many people compared to the percentage of people that live here.
We were asked this morning to pick up an investigator for church.  The young missionaries can’t take people in their cars.  We take Sister Guy with us each week to church and the Elders said to pick up ‘a sister’.  Well, we had Sister Guy and the investigator came out with 2 little girls and 2 car seats.  She was a good sport and we set up one seat and put the other in back and she held the older child.  On the way home we took her without Sister Guy and set up both car seats.  This is a case of needing more information.
We are excited to have Ray and Myrlann Clement come see us the end of this month.  We are looking forward to their visit and showing them the sites here.  Each time we see the sites with someone it helps our own testimonies.
Blessing:  having a strong enough testimony that I am not easily offended and can come to church without a grudge or disdain for someone else.  That is a huge blessing!  People are NOT perfect, but some think that members of the church should be and are disappointed when they find out that they are not.  Everyone needs to grow and progress!
Another season at the Sacred Grove
Greg and Jackie, Happy anniversary April 17th!

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  1. 13 weeks left. Wow time seems so slow but somehow has flown all of a sudden. We can not wait to see you guys and are so excited to see all the cool sights with you. You both look so good in your pictures. I love seeing you guys It makes me feel so happy to know that you guys are doing well and happy. I love you both so much!!!!