Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Life at the MTC

We packed for an entire week prior to going to the MTC.  We cleaned out our belongings from our room so Rob and Annette could use it while we are away.  What a job!  I have decided that I must be hoarder, what a lot of STUFF. 
We were set apart by President Cook at Chris's home after church on Sunday, had a nice lunch there, and then took off for Provo.  Dennis had gone to his early morning meetings, so he was really tired.  It was a struggle getting here, but we made it.  We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott and were up in plenty of time to get to the MTC.

What a humbling experience the MTC has been.  There are 70 couples and a few single sisters here.  Many of the couples have served 2-5 other missions.  We are one of the few that are first timers.  Everyone has multiple talents and has had many callings.  They are so nice and kind. 
We had a great meeting in the afternoon of the first day that filled us in on what to expect and then we met with a smaller group (district) for our week of study.
Day 2:  We met all day with our district and discussed ways that we can serve and teach.  It was a day of relating life stories and inspirational happenings.  We enjoyed the entire thing.  We have great couples in with us.  Dennis was talking about going to Texas and meeting with his friend that is a sealer in the Temple there.  Elder Manning asked about the man's name and Dennis told him it was Herk Rainey.  Elder Manning said, "he's my home teaching companion and in our ward".  Small world, isn't it? 

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  1. Dad has a heavy load!!!! That is cool they knew Kerk Rainey.