Sunday, January 18, 2015

The 2nd week of the MTC was filled with office training and learning (some parts of) the church programs for missionary work.  The church has been so inspired in helping missions take care of the missionaries along with the people they work with.  We enjoyed our time learning and were half way able to keep up. 
The Horsley's from Malad came to the MTC the Monday of our 2nd week.  She is a good friend to Dennis and is the daughter of Harvey and Daisy Field from Grant.  It was good to see Debby and Spence.  They loved the MTC also. 


The training was complete on Thursday around 3:00.  We checked out and drove to Salt Lake City to stay the night with some of our kids.  We had a great time eating, laughing, and sharing experiences.  We love our family so much.  They are so wonderful!

We drove from Salt Lake City on Friday to North Platte, Nebraska, on Saturday we made it to Coralville (Iowa City), Iowa, Sunday we went to Toledo, Ohio, and onto Rochester, New York on Monday.  We felt very blessed to have dry roads.  The conditions were good, but the sky was overcast and looked like it could storm.  The worst stretch of the drive will be tomorrow and going into New York.  The news this morning warned of 60+ car pile up in Pennsylvania because of an ice storm. 

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