Sunday, February 22, 2015

Feb. 22, 2015

Well, this last week has been a COLD one!  The school was out all week because of President’s day. 
But, they would have probably been out anyway because of the cold weather.  The mission tells the missionaries to stay in if it is -20.  They have been in enough to be stir crazy!  We have been out doing things most of the week.  We just noticed our 2nd bedroom ceiling is leaking.  Bother!  We have a bucket under it and have taken the bed out of the way.  We will dry the covering, blankets, etc. 

We have a home teaching assignment and went to see the 3 families on our list.  We now go (Yes, we are assigned as a couple) to the Longs, Haggerty’s, and Voorhees.  The Longs live about 25 miles away and the other 2 families live here in Batavia.  Brother Haggerty (Bill) is the blind organist I talked about.  He has a nice wife and 2 kids that they don’t see very much.  He is discouraged because he would like to be working, but was laid off when times got tough in the music industry.  (he worked at a music store)  He is 60 and they have a home, but I think he likes being very independent and doesn’t want anyone to pity or help him.  He is really an amazing guy.   The Voorhees didn’t want a visit as they were ‘too busy’, but we took them some cupcakes and they didn’t want Dennis to leave.  (I didn’t go up as the sidewalks were about 3 feet deep and didn’t know if we would be received)  Dennis shoveled quite a while to get their walk cleaned.   P.S. from Dennis: While shoveling I met a neighbor (Richard, I think) and had a nice conversation with him. He works as a dealer in a casino in Buffalo. I hope perhaps to get better acquainted with him later.

We had zone meeting this week on Wednesday in our church building here in Batavia.  That was nice.  Afterward the missionaries asked us to join them for lunch.  We had 12 of us there.  We had a nice time being with the young missionaries.  One of the elders, Elder Gubler, from the Warsaw area is so funny.  He was offering suggestions at the meeting and saying all the right things and then said, “I think we should do the Hauka.”  Out of nowhere—I laughed to myself, but no one cracked a smile.  (outwardly)  He then said that he can see the future where the Warsaw areas need more missionaries and that a couple more will come to Warsaw and he will move out and they can have his ‘hobbit hole’.  We have giggled about the way he says things in such a funny way.  There is a lot of comparisons to Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and the Hobbit with the kids (Elders).  (they make the comments)

On Monday night we decided that I needed something done with my hair and for the first time ever in our marriage, Dennis cut my hair.  NO, he didn’t want to.  BUT—I told him all he had to do was follow the pattern already set and just trim off the ends a little.  He did a pretty good job.  We had a lot of laughs doing this.  The next morning we went to the Temple with a neighboring district (because they needed a car and we were willing).  The Elders that went with us had a  new Elder that has some special needs (not too much, maybe Asperger's).  Anyway, he needed a haircut and they were at a home of an older couple.  The man said that his wife could do the job.  The companion showed me the video he took of the haircut.  The gal was smoking with one hand and trying to swing scissors with the other.  She didn’t have a comb, etc.  It was so funny!  I guess he didn’t enjoy the cut and went back to their apartment and buzzed his head with the shortest guard.  I have asked for the video and hope to be able to share it with those that would like a good laugh.

We have been working on Familysearch and Dennis was able to print off a Temple sheet for one of his relatives.  We thought that this was pretty fabulous as they want us to have our own names to go to the Temple here.  I tried my first time at indexing.  (I had told the Elders that it was easy and they could encourage other to do it.)  Well, I found out that it was easy to get into the program, but reading the papers and the way that they wrote many years ago wasn’t too easy.  I will try it again, I can see that it is very much needed.

We had a Mission Leadership Meeting on Friday morning.  Our President had been called to Salt Lake City and they were trained on using the IPads (for real).  Our mission had been using them for 1 year as a pilot program.  Now all of the missions in North America and Canada will be getting them and it has a structured program.  We will be traveling all over the mission when the new IPads arrive and be meeting with all of the missionaries.  This should be really fun!

We went to the Temple again yesterday (Saturday) and took our zone.  It was really great.  There is such a calm, peaceful feeling there.  The snow was softly falling and we could look out over the Sacred Grove and the valley there.  It is so beautiful here.  The Elders kept remarking that they couldn’t believe that they had been called to this most sacred of missions.  It is pretty wonderful!

When we were leaving the Temple we met Rex Brown and his wife.  (from Dad’s store) and she was so happy to see someone she knew.  They are in the Utica Mission and had come over to do baptisms with a youth group.  It was good to see them and hear of their mission.  He is a former military man and they have been assigned to the base there.  (I don’t know what division of the military he is in)  He said that there are a bunch leaving for Afghanistan shortly and they will be busy helping with their families while they are gone. 

We had the best church today.  Our mission president, President Francis, took 2 of the hours.  He is such a giant of a man—6’7” and a spirit to match.  He really inspired the branch members to invite others to come to church and hear the missionaries. 
Elder with the Hair CUT
Here is a picture of the hair cut and color (not bad, huh?)

 Elder Gubler at Nima's (best calzone ever!)  I was trying to stay out the picture and Sister Walker is across from me with her husband, Elder Walker.
Winner so far in the icicle contest

Another barn, this one is made of plywood
  • We are so blessed to belong to such a great family!
  • We haven't been sick (or too homesick)  I (Rhonda) had a cold that lasted about 12 hours.  I know, colds usually last 7-10 days.  This one was fast!
  • I haven't gotten the cough that accompanies cigarette smoke.  People here haven't heard--cigarettes aren't good for people.  There is so much smoking here and I have been able to avoid (so far) getting the terrible cough that usually accompanies my allergy to cigarette smoke.  We have been able to visit in homes that are very smoke filled, but without any incident.  Our apartment complex has several smokers in it and it can get pretty stinky, but we have been blessed to not be bothered too much.
Palmyra Temple

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