Sunday, March 1, 2015

March 1, 2015

I continually think of new ways to do my posts.  I will add my email and then add in more information in italic style posts.  I hope this helps.

On Monday we went to Pittsford and had our office meeting.  It is so nice to meet with the office staff each week and get instructions.  The President had his daughter and 2 granddaughters visiting him this week and they came into the office to meet us.  It made me homesick for all my little grandchildren. (of any size or age)
We have a Sister Ballard in the office and she bore her testimony to us at the meeting.  She is such a nice lady and told us of the challenges she has had in her life.  She testified that without the Atonement of Jesus Christ she wouldn't have been able to go through the trials she has had.  It made me stop and think of how we are blessed to have this in our lives to help us through the rough patches.  I know we have been blessed this way also.  

Tuesday we went to the Westfall building (in Rochester) and had a wonderful meeting with the entire mission.  We heard from Elders Allen and Evans of the Seventies and Missionary Board.  I felt like I had really been taught by the spirit and had the ‘vision’ of the church about the use of electronics on a mission.  I feel like the church is trying to teach our youth correct principles in using electronics and save them from the unrighteous ways of the world.  I was certain that this was the goal of the meeting until we got back on our ride home with our 4 young missionaries and heard what they had gained from the meeting.  I was surprised at how many ways things could be interpreted, everyone hears things differently.
*The 'vision' I received in the meeting is that the Lord knows us each and how susceptible we are to the temptations that are before us.  Pornography is a terrible, ugly monster!  It takes away the beauty of human love and dignity of man and woman.  It is rampant!  The church is well aware of what is happening and if these young men and women can be helped in correctly using the internet--it is worth the cost.  We need to be vigilant in staying away from such things--they do not bring us joy!  Please safeguard yourselves, no one is immune! 

After the meeting the Elder wanted to go to a place to eat in Rochester called Nick Tahaus.  They were so excited to go there.  It was a 'dive' where we experienced our first 'garbage plate'.  They loved it!  Lots of places have garbage plates or trash plates here.  They start out with fries on the bottom, macaroni salad or coleslaw, hamburgers, hotdogs, onions, and other toppings and then covered with a 'meat sauce'.  (all on one plate)  Then they topped it all off with LOTS of ketchup.  We shared one and didn't love it or hate it.  Crazy!
Eating at Nick Tahous

We had district meeting on Wednesday in Geneseo.  It was very spiritual also.  We met with several less actives, investigators, and members this week.  Our week was topped off with a trip to Palmyra with 2 of our Elders and an investigator and her son.  We had a wonderful experience with them for the entire day.  They loved each site and are eager to go and spend more time at each stop.  The spirit was very strong, and it was a miracle that it was a beautiful day.  I love seeing the gospel through an investigators eyes—it makes it so new and exciting.  This is a great experience!
On top of Hill Cumorah

Inside the Hill Cumorah Visitors Center

Leaving the Sacred Grove

Looking back into the Sacred Grove

We are still having winter, but the temperatures have risen some.  It really is pretty!
We had dinner with the Haggerty's last night and are getting to be good friends with them.  They had their friend, Wally, here this week and he is a really great guy.  He is also blind and plays many musical instruments.  Wally and Bill met at the Blind School here in Batavia.
Dennis, Bill (our blind organist), Rhonda, and Wally after Sacrament Meeting
Blind School, dormitories

Blind School, classrooms
 There is another large building that we didn't get a picture of.  They have a building for boys and one for girls.
Plaque for the school
There is a group of our friends that are planning to come here this summer.  They have decided to take a bus tour.  They will fly from Salt Lake City into New Hampshire.  The tour is $1825 per person and includes air, bus, food, and lodging.  They will see many of the church sites and historic areas.  We will try to meet up with them (for a time) in Palmyra.  They will be there 3 nights, I believe.  It leaves Salt Lake on May 30 and leaves from Cleveland on June 6.  If you are interested in coming with them go to  I believe it will be very informative.  Those coming are Summers, Beesleys, Hegsteds, Stuckis, Hansens, and Kaye and Phyllis.  
We met a family from Caldwell, Idaho as we were leaving the center at the Smith farm.  They came in with 7 small children.  They had taken the train from Salt Lake City to Rochester.  They had a 39 hour ride.  They are here to see the church sites.  The kids were so excited!  I felt guilty that we hadn't made that plan when our children were younger and I apologize for missing that opportunity.  We loved Disney way too much, and we should have come here at least once.

  • Being able to travel in comfort to see the things that are here to increase our testimonies and fulfill our calling.
  • Knowing that the Book of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith is a Prophet!
  • Having a family that loves and supports us!  We are so proud of Brytlee for being baptized on Feb. 28, 2015.  We are sorry that we missed that event, but she will be blessed for choosing the right.  We were so happy to Facetime with some of the ones that attended after the baptism.  It was difficult to hear Joclyn say, 'Please, come home Grandma and Grandpa',but the time is going by pretty quickly.

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  1. The food doesn't look that great but I am sure it is fun to try new things. ha ha! It looks so beautiful and I can't wait to see what the grove looks like when things warm up. I just added a ton of pictures on our blog of the baptism if you want to check them out. Miss you and love you!