Saturday, May 30, 2015

May 30, 2015

May 25, 2015  We had a fun day preparing for the branch picnic at Kiwanis’s Park.  It is a very nice park with things for kids to play on and a nice wooded area to walk around in.  (everything here is wooded)   It is usually difficult for the branch to get a crowd to come to anything, but this was an event that was very well supported.  There were families, singles, couples, etc.  Everyone seemed to have a great time.  The branch supplied the hamburgers and hotdogs and everyone brought a dish to pass.  I made a huge pasta salad and we cut a watermelon into bite size pieces.  The young missionaries were there and Elder Glenn from California had a thing that looked like a tow strap only wider.  He said that it is the rage in California and all the kids practice it until they are good at it and some can do flips on it.  They wrapped it up between 2 trees and all the kids were anxious to see if they could do it.  Elder Glenn was pretty good at it and could make it all the way across.  He had to wave his hands around to keep his balance and he looked a little like gumby. 

May 26, 2015  We went into the office and worked for the day.  When we were finished we took some missionary supplies to Brockport and stopped by to see the Workman’s.  We went to dinner with them at a place on the Erie Canal and ate outside.  It was such a nice evening and we enjoyed visiting with our friends.  (the food was good too)
May 27, 2015  We got up early and went into the office.  We took a load of ‘stuff’ in our car to drop off at our new home.  We worked until noon and then went out to the farmhouse.  The Clements moved out this morning and so were able to begin the move.  Our President had arranged for the senior couples to have a ‘retreat’ at the Seneca Lake Camp that the church owns.  It is so nice and we had a great time.  We were able to stay in the big house and have deluxe accommodations. 

President Francis talked and then we all introduced ourselves.  Some of the couples had fun stories about their lives.  One sister said that she was a widow and wasn’t interested in the least to get married again.  Someone she knew talked her into going out with a guy (her husband now) and she wasn’t that impressed and they went out several times and he wasn’t pushy or anything.  He walked her to her car and she was trying to get her keys out and he leaned over and kissed her and then said, ‘see you later’.  She was upset and wondered, ‘what the heck was that?’  She talked to her friend and told her about it and she asked her what was wrong and she said, ‘I think that I love him.’  They talked and he said, ‘let’s get married’.  She said—I don’t even know your name.  He said, that’s ok, I don’t know yours either.  They were a funny couple.  They are great missionaries. 
Sister Miller had a catering business in her previous life and took care of the food for the retreat.  (She also began the Quilted Bear) The kitchen in the lodge is amazing!  It has a commercial dishwasher in it!  It would be really nice to have a family reunion here if anyone is game!  It was funny how after the evening program everyone took off for their cabins.  We stayed at the lodge and helped the Miller’s take care of the dirty dishes.  Chris will appreciate this—they have a grease trap at the lodge that is FAR worse than his ever was!!  It took about 1.5 hours to clean things up for the following morning.  Sister Miller must have been worn out because she left soon after we started.  Her husband was a trooper and stayed until it was all cleaned up. 

May 28, 2015 we had a great day at the retreat and learned many things.  The food was great and everyone had a good time.  There are golf carts there and we went for a ride on the trails through the woods around the camp.  The camp has 200 acres and is on the lake front.  (so beautiful!)  After it was over we went back to our new home and began putting away the things we had dropped off.  We stayed overnight and enjoyed it.  We went into town to get a few things and passed a nice carnival.  
Frog outside of the back door of the house
The garage and barn on the farm
The larger home (part of the original John Young home) across the street from ours
Our new home

May 29, 2015 we worked in the office for the day and tried to get caught up on so many things that we missed out on with the short week.  Dennis had to go pick up a new car and I drove him over to the dealer.  The mission is getting 8 new cars in the next few days.  He will be really busy.  The cars will be given to the missionaries that have the cars with the highest mileage.  The church doesn’t let them get too many miles over 50,000 and then they sell them.  They have nice cars for the missionaries. 
We came back to Batavia after work and had supper with the Haggerty’s.  She had made a hamburger pot pie.  It was really good.  She still doesn’t feel well since her gall bladder surgery.  We are concerned for her.  He doctors don’t seem to get that excited about helping her.  They are going to Phoenix  to see their son in a couple of weeks.  They will stay 3 weeks.  I hope that if she isn’t feeling better that her son can help her get some help.  We packed up a lot of stuff and Dennis packed the car (he has such a talent for sliding things into the smallest of cracks and getting them compacted)

May 30, 2015 Moving day!  We loaded more and then went for the 60 minute drive to the house.  We didn’t get much put away before the missionaries needed us to help them with a project in Pittsford.  We went to their aid and then went to Brockport where I got a shorter haircut for the summer.  It feels really good.  Dennis thinks I look younger.  (Who knows?)  We came back to Batavia and finished boxing up our stuff.  (We came with 1 car load and now—it will take 3)  Well, there is a reason for that---we have bought groceries here and are moving them –we didn’t bring any groceries.  AND, they are moving young missionaries into our apartment in Batavia and the President doesn’t want them to have it all decorated up like a senior apartment.  (They are MEN—they don’t need phoofy!)  So, we are moving all of the décor from the last 3 or 4 couples.  Phew!  I think we are bushed!

Well, we are missing everyone, especially when there are big events.  Conner turned 12 today, Lexie turns 13 tomorrow, and Tessa had her dance recital tonight.  It’s hard to not be to these things, but I hope they will forgive us and we will make it up when we get home!  

The mission is the place for us right now.  We are have a great time and enjoying the work.  It is so fun to meet new people and spend more time with my husband!  (he is the best and I am so blessed by having him as my husband)*
*having a husband that treats me so good and honors his Priesthood and the callings he has been given in his life.  He loves serving!

Update on Brent:  We were told on Tuesday that Brent would need open heart surgery right away to correct the stenosis he has with his mitral valve.  He was having trouble with his lungs and too much water.  The doctor felt that was the only thing that could be done.  Everyone began praying (we had never quit—but more!)  He lost 24 lbs. of water in 2 days.  The Dr. feels that he can now wait for the surgery until he is stronger and he has been moved from ICU to the rehab floor.  We have seen so many miracles!  What blessings he has received.  Heavenly Father knows and loves that guy!
Day 46 of this ordeal!  Happy!

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  1. We need to see more pictures of the inside of your new place. It looks cute. And you need a picture of your new hair. I thought it looked great!
    Love you both, and miss you like crazy.