Sunday, June 7, 2015

June 7, 2015

June 1, 2015  Most days are the same at work, so I will say that we work at the office from 9-5 (and sometimes longer) each day, Monday-Friday.  After work we went over to the President’s home and welcomed 2 new missionaries to the field.  We had dinner and then gave them an overview of the things the office would do for them.  They looked so tired and scared.  We then drove over to the Palmyra Inn where we met our wonderful friends from Grant.  The Hansens, Beesleys, Summers, Hegsteds, Stuckis, Phyllis Millar, and Kaye Field.  It was such a glorious reunion!  They looked so good to us.  It is such a blessing to have wonderful friends.*  It seemed like a life-time ago that we had seen each other and it made me think of how great the reunion will be in Heaven when we see our loved ones again.  That is something to live for, right?  (not die for—we must live right so we can be together forever)

June 2, 2015  We had transfers today and the missionaries are always so excited to get new companions (not that the old ones are always bad) and then the new Elders were given their trainer.  We had 1 Elder leaving this week and he bore a great testimony of the things he had learned on his mission.  After work we drove over to the Inn again and picked up the Hegsteds.  Chuck and Janet had friends from New York and the 2 car loads came over to Mendon to see our home.  Paula was a Young and wanted to see the Young home.  We had a great tine and then went to Tom Wahl’s to have a burger.  We visited until around 10 at the Inn.  The other couples didn’t return from the Temple so we left.  It is always hard here to stay late because the drive is long.  The tour was supposed to come to the Mendon Cemetery on Wednesday morning and we were going to meet them there.  Then we would have gone to the Temple with the group.  However, one of the tour members had a kidney stone and they were afraid to spend too much time in an area without medical help—so that is the reason we brought the Hegsteds to the Young home on Tuesday night.

June 3, 2015  We went over to Sam’s Club after work (about 10 miles) and got some groceries. When we started putting groceries away we realized that the door had closed and that we were locked out. We tried everything and then Dennis found a window that wasn't locked shut.  He was so nice about climbing through.  ( it was my fault we were locked out)

We worked on getting the house put together a little more and flopped into bed.  We have a new sister in the office and she has had to have lots of help.  That has kept me pretty busy.  I like her and she is catching on.  Dennis has received 8 new cars for the missionaries.  I have had to drive with him over to the dealership and then follow him home.  The church has used several of the dealerships around here for their cars.  I guess that gives everyone a little piece of the pie.  However, some of the dealerships are quite a few miles away. 
June 4, 2015  After work we went to Wegmans.  It is a very nice grocery store that seems to have everything and then some.  The produce is beautiful and everything is clean and neat.  The prices are alright and we got some things that Sam’s doesn’t offer.  We went home and made potato salad and chocolate sheet cakes with hot fudge sauce for the MLC meeting in the morning.  (MLC is mission leadership council)  We are getting more accustomed to our little home now.  It still has uneven floors, but it is cozy!  There were some people in our drive way after work and Dennis talked with them about the property.  It was 2 couples on a trip here from Utah.  They weren’t interested in coming in but wanted to see where Brigham Young had been baptized.  (it is very close to us)  Tonight we saw our first fireflys here.  (or lightening bugs as they say in North Carolina)  It was dark out and there were little bright spots flitting around.  It was neat! 
June 5, 2015  We served dinner to the MLC group at noon and they seemed to enjoy it.  There was pulled pork sandwiches (which seems to be a staple in the mission) and then the potato salad and the brownie delight.  We did some more cleaning after we got home.  Dennis was worn out as he had sent most of the cars home with missionaries and sold some of the old ones.  He is doing very well at his new calling.  I am really proud of him.  I guess my scary thing today was that one of the Elders lost his wallet.  I had to cancel his MSF card (Missionary support funds; a limited credit card that I load each month with $195) and order another one.  When they lose their funds they can borrow from their companion until the new card arrives.  The day was nice and sunny and then we had a cloud burst in the afternoon that really put down the water.  It poured!  It also poured in the evening; along with lightening and thunder.  It was so pretty!
June 6, 2015  We got up early and picked up the Workmans and the Walkers.  We had a great day as we visited the Corning Glass Museum in Corning, New York.

This glass piece represents the death of a glass factory and how the vultures ate it up
We also went to Watkin’s Glen.  It is a state park that has lots of waterfalls and 800 steps to the top.  We made it almost half way before Sister Walker’s knees began to hurt and so we didn’t do the entire hike.  It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed ourselves.  Both of the couples are great!  The Walkers are MLS (member leadership support) missionaries in Warsaw and the Workmans are the apartment people along with the mission nurse.  We had really good hamburgers at a Friendlys in Corning.  It was nice to hear of their lives and work in the mission.  Elder Walker was a soldier in Viet Nam and a State Highway Patrolman in California.  He has lots of entertaining stories.  The Workmans are from North Carolina and they have cute sayings.  The one they used today was, “gooder than snuff, but half as dusty.”
A saying I enjoyed this week is “If you keep doing what you’ve done, you will get what you’ve got.”  In other words—if you keep doing things the same, don’t expect a different outcome. 
Elder Merrill and Elder Walker sharing secrets
Ron and his brother Dennis and his other brother Dennis

June 7, 2015  We got up early and drove to Batavia to church.  We went with the Elders to pick up an investigator, but she was not home.  So we attended church and fast and testimony meeting was really nice. Our new little convert Skyler was one of the first to bear his testimony. He bore such a sincere and simple testimony. It was very special. Sister Karol was there after having been released from the cancer unit at the hospital in Rochester and she bore a wonderful testimony.  She is still really weak and going to have more chemotherapy, but she is happy to be home.  After church we went home teaching to the Haggertys, Sandra and Susan, and then over to visit with Carla.  Carla thought she had been baptized, but there aren’t any records for her; so she is going to be baptized in the near future.  She is a very nice lady.  We arrived back in Mendon about 7:15.  That seems like a long day! 
One of the sisters at church told me about her conversion.  Her daughter was grown and lived beyond Palmyra.  Her and her husband drove by the Hill Cumorah when they would go visit their daughter.  They were always saying it was a beautiful hill.  She had bad knees and told him that someday she was going to climb that hill.  He would laugh.  (reminds me of Barbara’s song about ‘climbing that hill someday’)  So, one year they saw the advertisement for the pageant and decided that they would go and see it.  They loved it and went 2 more times that summer.  He told her, “if I believe anything, it’s what they do in that play.”  So, she asked him if he wanted to have their names put into the canister for missionaries to visit them on their way out.  He said yes.  Well, they did and it was a windy evening and they didn’t hear back at all.  The next year they decided to go back to the pageant and loved it again.  This time they put their names back in and they were contacted and baptized.  They are great people.  There are people prepared to hear the truth and they want it.  I can hardly wait to go to the pageant now.  Our stake president here, President Jensen, came to church last Sunday and had a full beard.  He is in the pageant and is growing the beard for his part. 

Blessings:  Having friends that we can do things with and that we love and get along with so well.  We can count on them for support and help.  Good friends are huge blessings!  Thanks for coming to see this part of the world dear friends!  We love you!

Update on Brent:  He arrived home Saturday, June 6, 2015.  Yahoo!  We are so excited for him to be home with his family. 

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