Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 26, 2015

Another quick week—we were busy at work every day.  On Tuesday after work we drove over to the Hill Cumorah and traded an IPad with a Sister missionary that had problems with the one she had.  While we were in Palmyra we took the opportunity to have a calzone at Nima’s.  Here is a picture of Dennis just salivating over his piece: (this is half of a calzone)
There is a place on the way to work that has a large raspberry place and has a sign out saying that they are for sale.  We stopped there on Wednesday evening after work and no one was around.  We were surprised to see that there was a small building with a cash box and a refrigerator on the shelf.  They had a note saying that it was the honor system and to help yourself.  There was a $10 bill still sticking out of the cash hole.  I could hardly believe it that they trusted everyone to pay for what they got and not take more than their change from the cash box.  This world has more good people in it than we know!

Dennis sold 3 cars this week and the first one was to a young woman and her family is Jehovah’s Witness.  They were so happy to get the car and asked Dennis if there was a customer satisfaction survey that they could fill out because they thought that he was the best salesman ever.  We had a good laugh about that!  (he is pretty cute as a salesman!)
We went to the Temple with an older sister from Batavia.  She has been a member of the church for several years, but just got her recommend this week.  She was so excited and loved every minute in the Temple.  She is excited to get back to the Temple and do work for her deceased family.  She asked me to help her get them ready and so I will take my computer next Sunday to church and we will try to do something after the meetings.  She doesn’t have internet, so we will have to remain at the church. 
We went over to Batavia Saturday evening for the monthly pot-luck dinner.  There were quite a few at it this time.  Everyone seemed to have a good time.  The men were given tickets to see the ‘Muck-Dogs’ play baseball (they are the semi-pro team in town)  so most of the party left after an hour or so.  We came on home.  We were just pulling into the garage when Dennis got a call on his cell phone.  He couldn’t understand what was going on—first it was  ‘Elder Merrill’…. and then a bunch of screaming.  He didn’t know what to think or what was happening.  It was crazy!  Here is what happened:
Sister missionaries were driving and they hit a deer—it got up and ran away and they were stopped to the side of the road.  They called Elder Merrill to report their accident.  The phone rang and they began their conversation.  (It was dark outside)  A man living near the accident quietly walked up to the side of the car and tapped on the window to see if everything was alright—that was when the screaming began.  They were unaware there was anyone outside and it scared them to death.  It took a few minutes to get them calmed down.  There are so many deer here and you have to be especially careful at night.  They like to cross the road more at night.  They don’t use the deer crossings here either.  There are signs all over warning drivers of the deer.  There was a woman that called into a radio station and complained that the signs were in the wrong locations.  They were in places that were far too dangerous for the deer to be crossing, etc.  (well the DJ was so surprised—and finally ask, “Do you think that the deer are reading those signs?")  You can hear it on YouTube—pretty funny stuff.

Things are going well here.  The days fly by and the weather is beautiful.  It is supposed to get in the 90’s this week, but that will be alright.  We have air conditioning!  Yahoo!  We miss everyone, but we know that there are extra blessings for us all when we serve the Lord.  We can never get even with Him for His goodness to us—we can only try to serve Him more!  

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