Sunday, August 2, 2015

August 2, 2015

We made it!  We were given an assignment from President Francis to read the Book of Mormon from June 19-July 31, and we did it.  We didn’t think we could do it, and got behind while we had company; but we were able to catch up and finish on time.  It was a great assignment and we learned new things again this time. 
We have had a great week again.  Last Monday night we had an office party dinner at the home of the sisters across the street.  Sister Kennedy was able to get permission from the people living in the old Tomlinson Inn for us to visit and tour their home.  We had a great meal and they gave me a belated birthday cake; with the writing on the top—“Happy Birthday $ister Moneybags!”  LOL!  (Laugh out loud)  The Inn had been vacant for several years and in some disrepair, but I could imagine it as a place for people to stay in the 1830’s.  We also walked back to the baptism place for Brigham Young.  It was a nice evening!
President Francis preaching the word from the balcony of the Tomlinson Inn

We drove over to Batavia on Tuesday evening to have Family Home Evening with Skyler and Amanda.  We had a great discussion on the duties of the Priesthood and the calling of new Apostles.  They were very interested and asked questions and then we played games.  It was fun to be there again!
On Wednesday we went back to the hospital to see Zach Gneiting.  (yes, he is on day 15 now in the hospital).  We try to call daily to see how he is doing and on Tuesday he had to have a tube inserted to drain out more infection.  He wasn’t too happy to have that tube, but he visited and we stayed for over  an hour.  They were hoping go home before the weekend.  On Thursday they told them that he would be able to be discharged on Friday morning and so they started looking for airline tickets back to Mesa.  He began throwing up again on Thursday afternoon and that killed all hope of leaving the hospital.  His cultures showed staff and gangrene still existing and they put him on 2 more high power drugs.  We went back Friday and saw him and they were discouraged.  He is still in the hospital today (Sunday) and we need to call and see how he is today.  Our bodies are so wonderful how they help and protect us, but it is so hard to kill some of these infections!
We had P Day yesterday (and it wasn’t interrupted by any other assignments, etc.)  We went to a few yard sales and then we had a little nap, I did some laundry and vacuumed.  We went to the store and took back some sandals that I had purchased on Wednesday night.  (My feet are swelling in the heat and humidity here) and then we took the Erie Canal lock cruise called the ‘Sam Patch packet cruise’.  It was really smooth and relaxing.  (I had about 15 naps)—but it was amazing to go through the lock and wonder about the technology in the 1800’s that could produce such a thing to move commerce across the country with this great canal.  This is a real wonder!  However, I got thinking about how wonderful it was to see the Panama Canal and have pondered on that trip a while.

Water coming in through a leak to fill the lock. This leak is called "Angle Falls"
It is the largest lock leak in the canal system and the most photographed.

Water leaving the lock (25 feet lower)
Church was today and our Fast and Testimony meeting was very good.  There were only about 40 people there, but it was still a good meeting.  After church we had a missionary meeting and we discussed the plans for a senior couple sponsored home evening.  (sponsored by the Sanders and the Merrills)  We are hoping that it will be well attended and full of fun.  We have service missionaries in Buffalo that do a milk can supper that have agreed to cook for us.  They use carrots, cabbage, corn, potatoes, and kiebasa—they wrap it up in cheesecloth and put the food into the cans and then cook them over slow heat until done.  We are planning on doing this Aug. 31.  We were invited to the Lehman’s home for dinner and we had a great time with them.  I think I have talked about him previously, and is a wealth of knowledge.  He says little things that make me think.  He loves the church and sees things so clearly. 
I played the music for Primary today and enjoyed that.  Sister Haggerty is usually the pianist, but she took the place for the director and I played for her.  She has such a fun personality and can tell the kids what she is thinking in a direct fashion.  They like her!  We only had 7 kids (4 were visiting) and so the volume wasn’t too good, but they did sing along with her and she didn’t criticize them for not singing very loud.  Here we do it all for 4 or 14—seems funny after some of the huge crowds we get in Primary back home.  I do miss seeing more children at church. 

Last Sunday the kids and grandkids met at our home and had dinner and visiting.  They sent us pictures, and even though it made me homesick—I just couldn’t help being so grateful to see this wonderful bunch of great people that I love and cherish so much!

Grandkids! So beautiful!

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