Sunday, August 30, 2015

August 30, 2015

We had transfers on Monday.  We got three new missionaries; 2 permanent and 1 a visa waiter.  (Visa waiters are those that have callings to another country that haven't received their Visas yet and they come and be a blessing to our mission)  One of the missionaries is Elder Marlowe.  He is Nyle and JoAnn Randall's grandson.  His mother is Dawn Randall Marlowe.  They live in Ammon and he is a really sharp guy.  He can really sing.  We are really happy to have new missionaries.  We made supper for them at the mission home and had a nice meeting afterward.  We had some catching up to do after our time away from the office.
On Tuesday they go to the Sacred Grove with the President and then back to the mission office to see who their new/first companion will be.  It is a special time and I always get misty eyes when their trainers greet them with open arms and welcome them to the mission.  You can see their relief in being welcomed.
There were lots of other missionaries at the meeting to be transferred to other companions.  After and before the meeting there is lots of chaos.  Everyone needs and wants something; supplies, help, one guy had money missing on his MSF card (and I had to report the fraud) and other fun things.  (MSF--missionary support fund)
We went over to Sam's after work and stocked up on food, which should last a while.  Groceries here are about the same price as home.
On Thursday my email began to have problems and wouldn't work.  I called Salt Lake and they said that Outlook (the program) was having difficulties and just to give it some time.  Later in the day I checked on it and it had completely deleted itself.  This was not a PICNIC (I promise)  Picnic--Problem in chair, not in computer.  It took 2 hours on the phone with a man from Salt Lake to get it back.  I hope it works better this week.  I don't use that email account for anything but church/mission business so it is really needed.
We got up Saturday morning and had to run to the office for something Dennis needed to do.  We stopped at a yard sale on the way and before I could get to the table he warned me that there were some really handy items on it.  We laughed pretty hard--don't think I've ever seen that collection at a garage sale before.

Amanda and Skyler met us at our place and we started off for Fayette with a picnic.  We visited the Peter Whitmer farm (where the church was organized and where some of the Book of Mormon had been translated) and then we went over to the Seneca Lake Camp.  We had a great time with them and I think they enjoyed it all.
We are taking 'Flat Stanley' everywhere with us as a favor to Gaylene Gneiting's 3rd grade student.  The class sent Stanley to people around the world and asked that they take pictures with him and send him and the pictures back to their classroom before the end of Sept.  We tried to do our best.
Elder Merrill, Stanley and Skyler at Seneca Lake (Finger Lake)
Sister Merrill, Skyler, and Amada at Brigham Young baptism spot
Inside the Whitmer home in Fayette
We are going to have a special Family Home Evening tomorrow night in Batavia.  We invited the entire branch and anyone else that wanted to come.  We are having a Milk Can Supper and the other senior couple and the Merrills are sponsoring it.  There are missionaries here that have done it before and I asked them to come and do it for our branch.  They take cabbage, potatoes, corn, carrots, kiebasa, and onions and put them in cheese cloth and the into the milk can and over heat to cook for a while.  (cross your fingers that it turns out great)  We are hoping to have it be a good missionary tool.
We got word this week that Grandma Merrill and Becca Bloxham (and possibly Hannah) are coming to visit Sept. 22-28. We are excited to have them come and see our mission.  We welcome anyone else that wants to come with them.  Our car will hold 6 comfortably and 7 with some squeezing.
We are grateful for your love and prayers.  We feel them!  We are happy and doing well.  We are loving the people here and getting to know them.  Everyone is great and has something they can add to our lives.  Everyone wants to feel needed and loved.  We can all reach out to others.

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