Saturday, October 10, 2015

Oct. 10, 2015

Oct. 10, 2015
We had a great week!  We had transfers on Monday and got 3 new missionaries, 1 Sister and 2 Elders.  They were so tired when they arrived at the mission home and we fed them spaghetti, garlic bread, salad, and sherbet and a cookie.  It’s hard to give them too much information when they are so tired.  (they get up at the MTC about 3:30 to get to the airport and then fly all day)  We did give them a couple hours of instruction and hope that they heard some of it.
On Tuesday we had transfers and I always love that meeting.  The new missionaries are given their trainer companion and they look so relieved to be with them.  The missionaries that are changing companions are there to make the exchange and then the ones going home get to bear their testimonies.  That is the best part!  Some of them try to be funny and some try to give instructions to the new missionaries; but the best part is hearing of their growth and love of the gospel.  Our Elder Cashmore went home this week.  It was hard to see him go.  He was so good to us when we came to the mission.
After we finished with our work we took off and met Chuck and Janet.  They had been to Florida and then to Albany with Ed and Marie and they met us between Rochester and Albany.  It was a nice day and the drive was pretty.  We got back to Pittsford and ate a burger at Tom Wahls.  We talked and played games and had a great evening.
On Wednesday we went into work early and stayed until about 11:00.  We went over to Henrietta and showed them Aldi (our discount grocery store; which we found out from them that their German exchange student from several years ago is in Florida and managing Aldi there and that Aldi is a German store that they have brought here—that made it even more fun!)  We ate lunch at Red Lobster and then we went to the Sacred Grove and spent some time there.  

A tall, funny mushroom we found growing in the Sacred Grove
We also took a short tour of the museum of Coverlets in Palmyra.  That was interesting, and we couldn’t believe that people would be able to do such intricate work with the looms they had.  We took them to Moe’s for supper and then we went to the movie called, ‘The Intern’.  I recommend it!  It was really good.  The theater we went to had reclining seats that were super comfortable. 
We went into work and came back about 11:00 on Thursday.  We went over to the Seneca Camp and had a great time there.  We ate at Friendly’s on the way.  It was good and they WERE friendly.  We went to the Mennonite grocery store and looked around there.  They have nice produce and their apples are good and cheap.  We got back in time to walk to Brigham Young’s baptismal site and then we went to Mendon for a piece of pizza.  It was pretty good, but large!

On Friday we took Janet and Chuck to the airport for their 5:30 a.m. flight.  The weather had been really good while they were here, but it was pouring on the way to the airport.  The day stayed cool and rainy.  We were sure happy to have them here and hear about things at home and in our ward.  We were able to get an hour nap before we had to get ready for work and then we spent the day at the office.  After work we went with Sister Paskett to get things at Sam’s Club for the mission and then we showed her the Aldi store too.  We had to go to President Francis’s home and change the ‘transfer board’ (where all the missionaries are each transfer). 

Today is Saturday and we are busy cleaning and getting ready to have Brad, Sara, and the kids for the week.  They come in tonight at 11:15.  We are so happy to have them come.  The weather is nice again and Dennis cleaned up a bunch of walnuts off the front lawn.  They keep falling on the house and it makes a loud thud.  

We have Stake conference tonight and that will be good.  After conference we will just go to the airport and wait for our precious family.  

Blessings:  Knowing that we can be together forever as a family through the wonderful plan of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  I can't think of anything that would/could be better than being with the people we love!

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  1. you should watch on u tube how to de husk and eat the walnuts and see if they are any good. They are suppose to be yummy in that area. I really want the wheel barrel dad has in the picture. It is huge. It makes him look like a little kid. So glad you are doing well and I think you guys are the most popular missionaries ever. He he. I can't wait for our turn to come and see you. You are going to have the tour down to a T by the time we are there and know all the perfect stops! It may be a good thing we are coming last.