Saturday, October 31, 2015

October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!  There are several places here that are decorated up and they are very spooky and FUN!  TRICK OR TREAT!
We worked, went to the Temple, and had a great week.  Things are going great here.  Our
'Ponderizing' scripture for the week is D & C 58:42  Behold, he who has repented of his sins, the same is forgiven, and I, the Lord, remember them no more.  Isn't that wonderful?  As I was quickly washing dishes at the camp last week so we could leave, I made a HUGE error--I didn't wash a soup pan down in the bottom very well.  The sister drying the dishes took a look at it and giggled and I said, 'it's the job of the dryer to make the dish washer look good' (told to me by Aunt Beulah one day while we were doing dishes at Glen and Ranae's). The bottom of the pan had a big gob of soup left on the bottom.  (I was really embarrassed)  We had a great laugh!  I have thought about that mess in the pan and how our sins look something like that and how they can be blotted out (or washed properly through the Lord) and remembered no more.  It has been a great lesson!
When Grandma Merrill, Marilyn, Hannah, and Becca were here we saw the gardeners at the Temple planting mums.  The flowers they were pulling up were so beautiful and I was so sad, but look at the beautiful mums now!

While we were having our weekly staff meeting a delivery man came into the office and left a large box.  After the meeting I told Dennis it was something from his TIWI (black box for cars) place.  (I didn't look very close because here is what he opened up--

We were so surprised and shocked!  It didn't have a card on it so I sent out a text to all of our kids. Brad sent it to us.  We had mentioned about the milk can dinners and how we were looking for one, and magically it appeared.  We are going to make homemade root beer for the mission Christmas party.  That should be a hit!  Thank you so much!  It's '''so beautiful I don't know about cooking in it.  (but we will when we get home, plan on it!)
Elder Merrill, Elder Longhurst, Elder Clinger (the AP's -Assistants to the President) and Sister Merrill 
Elder Longhurst is related to Cindy and is such a nice guy.  Every time we try to take his picture he gets the cheesiest grin on his face and we tell him, 'you don't have to smile so hard'.  (reminds me when Brad was little and kept telling me that he didn't know how to smile for pictures)  Elder Clinger is from Connie Ball's ward in Idaho Falls and is a great guy (very smart with techie stuff)
Well, we have found a product that is better than 'worm squirm' (to bring worms to the surface).  Our walnut tree out in front has dropped lots of nuts.  They have a big crust on the outside of the shell and so Dennis took off some of the husks and the directions told him to wash the nuts thoroughly.  He did and then dumped it onto the lawn.  The worms came boiling up.  They didn't like it at all.  He dumped some more a few days later in the same spot and there weren't any worms living in that area.  They had either died or moved away from the walnut shell sub-division.  It was crazy!  We are letting the nuts dry now and then we will crack them and see if they are any good.
We had munch and mingle last Sunday after church and it got very awkward.  A lady had foot surgery about 4 or so weeks ago and was sitting on the perimeter of the gym eating her food.  We have a family in the branch that have 5 little kids that don't have any discipline and are very wild. They were running and the oldest boy stepped on the sisters foot.  She came unglued!  Another lady nicely informed him to go back and apologize and she took him over to do it.  He did and she started screaming at him again.  There was a lot of whispering and stares after that and we hope that someone can help each party feel better.  (the branch President was in a meeting at the time)  We will see tomorrow what happens.  The missionaries were upset because that is a good way to make people not want to come again.
Okay, to end with a funny story--last week at the retreat one of the missionaries, who is a sister working in FM (facility maintenance) told about them being asked to build a small room in the top of the Temple while the Temple was closed for 2 weeks.  So they began that task and she was asked one morning to go to Lowe's and get supplies for the day.  She was driving one of the bigger trucks to Macedon and noticed a man lying on the side of the road and didn't know if she should stop, but felt that she should.  She did but didn't want to venture too far away from her truck in case he was trouble. She couldn't hear the man when she asked questions and so she ended up going over to him.  She asked what the problem was and he said his legs wouldn't work.  After a few more questions she asked him what his name was.  He said God.  She couldn't believe it and repeated, "GOD?"  He said it again and then spelled it, G-O-D.  She tried to get him up in various awkward ways and couldn't so she called her husband who told her to call 911.  She did and immediately 2 cop cars were there.  They came over and said, "Tod, you were doing so good--9 months on the wagon.  What happened?"  She said the combination of his being old, drunk and without teeth made it sound like God.  She thought she had met God on the way to Lowe's.
It is supposed to be in the 70's again next week.  That will be wonderful!  (although it hasn't been very cold yet)  Still beautiful!
Life is good, we are happy and healthy, and some what wise!  (we always take suggestions on that one)
Take care of each other and love everyone!  We are so appreciative of all our family and friends!  Thank you for being so wonderful!

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  1. I love that dad matches his tie to your clothes. So fun. The walnut husks are strong enough to kill a horse so I am sure it could kill some worms. When I was reading up on them it said to be very careful when discarding them. Not to put it around any animals that might eat them because it could kill them. (especially horses) So good to talk to you and see your happy faces. Love you both so much