Sunday, June 5, 2016

June 5, 2016

Our granddaughter, Summer, graduated from high school last week.  We can’t believe that she is 18 already and out of school.  We are so proud of her!

We began our week with a picnic in Batavia at the Kiwanis park.  The day was beautiful and warm.  It was so nice and relaxing.  We stayed quite a while and visited with most of the people there.  We found a picture of Steve Aldrich as a soldier in Vietnam and decided that this would be nice for a Memorial Day tribute. 

Our friend, Chuck Lehman, wore his marine stripes on Sunday to church.  The Spencer’s went through a small town close to Mendon and stopped when they noticed a parade.  They were really surprised at how patriotic they were and that they sang, as a community, God Bless America.  There are lots of good people here.  It is hopeful that there are people that love the Lord and our country out there.
We had a good week in the office.  We were busy all week, but I can’t recall what we actually did.  On Thursday evening we went over to Palmyra and went to a fireside put on by Terrill and Fiona Givens.  He has published several books and their talks were called, The Christ who Heals.  I took a few notes and hope that I can remember how they were presented.
In the pre-existence it was secure and we were happy there.  We had to be strong to come to earth and to the future.  We didn’t know what was in store or what to expect.  We were strong!  In mortality our healing comes in various ways.  Some touched his clothes, some were let down into the house, some were held in His arms.  How are we healed?  We need to know the nature of God.
  • He is our ‘real’ father
  •  God weeps (he has body, parts, and passions)
  • He is vulnerable (he has set his heart upon us—he wants us back)
  • He is selfless (his goal is to bring to pass our immortality)
  •  He is forgetful (our sins are forgiven and forgotten)

Love liberates the giver, frees the recipient.  True love is irresistible!
How far does HIS love reach?
In the scriptures it talks about the blindness of their mind and eyes and he said replace that word for woundedness.  We are all wounded, we need to be healed. 
Knowledge means experience
May we be perfect (whole) through the atonement.  Perfect is another word for whole.  Whole is to be healed.
On Friday we served the Missionary Leadership Counsel lunch (MLC).  We had a big salad bar and we made homemade lemon ice-cream.  It was all really good.  Every time our President and his wife are always last in line and we asked the missionaries to make sure that they were first this time.  This was his last MLC in the mission.  He was surprised when he went through first and asked why we had asked that he do it.  We told him that he deserved to be first once on his mission.  He acted really appreciative.
On Saturday we went to a few garage sales and we found a few treasures (a White Jeans Machine; sewing). 
Any one want a tiki?
We also went to Fairport days.  They closed off their main street and vendors were set up and down the sidewalks and there were musicians singing and playing.  It was a hot day and there were lots of people; does this sound like fun?  We did have a good time but didn’t stay long.  The Eastern Star ladies gave us a tour of the Masonic Temple (where they also meet) and told us what they did and their purpose.  It sounds a little like Relief Society (because they do serve).   The Temple was made from an old show house and had lots of room.  I thought that I could still smell the popcorn in the foyer. 

We had several visitors today in church.  Tourists are beginning to come to New York and we had 2 couples from Preston today.    The Christensen’s and the Gilbert's’ (and they both know the Harris’s)  It’s fun to see people from the West.

The baby geese (goslings) are out!  They stop traffic here.
Last Monday Grandpa and Grandma Mueller called and said that Grandpa wasn’t feeling well and didn’t have any energy.  He didn’t know how much they would be able to see when they came.  He felt that he needed a stent.  I told them to get to the Dr.,  but they wanted to wait until after the trip.  The girls (my sisters) got him right in the next day and tests began.  He ended up getting a stent and new medication for A Fib.  His mitral value has a leak, but they think that doesn’t need to be done at this time.  He is home and feeling better.  I am so excited that they will still be able to come visit next week.

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  1. I am so glad that grandma and grandpa still get to visit. Only four more weeks until it is our turn!!!! can not wait. Love you guys