Sunday, May 29, 2016

May 29, 2016

Another quick week!  We began the week by working in the office.  After work we went with the Spencer’s to Highland Park.  The Lilac festival was the previous week and was over and now it was just beautiful scenery and lilacs.  The lilacs were slow this year and the festival was too early.  So it was just another good excuse for people to hang out, listen to live bands, eat from the vendors there, and drink beer.  They have huge turn outs of people each day of the festival here. 

I’m not sure that we can avert the drought this year—we have had several days without rain and things are getting really dry looking.  We are hoping that it rains today.  It is starting to cloud up and looks like a big thunder storm.  It has been very humid the past 3 days.  It has been in the 80’s, but it feels hotter with so much humidity.  Rain would be great!
We went to Buffalo on Tuesday evening and had another zone conference.  It is just under a 2 hour drive and we had to be there at 8:30.  We got up early and went.  It was fun and also very good.  We got to visit with Steve and Deanna Aldrich.  They are really enjoying their mission in Arcade.  After the conference we stopped in Batavia and took the Lehman’s out for supper.  They have been so good to us and always looking out for us.  We had a good time visiting with them!
On Wednesday we went to Palmyra for Zone conference.  It was nice that it was close and we didn’t have to get up and leave so early.  Each zone conference has the same schedule and talks are very similar.  Some days it was hard to stay upright.  After our part on the program after lunch we were able to go back to the office and get some things done.  The Spencer’s were there and stayed to clean up and pack up things. 
On Thursday we went to Buffalo again.  This was the last day.  Yahoo!  This is the last conference we will be able to attend.  We are down to 7 weeks. After the conference the housing coordinator and nurse, the Workman’s, invited us to go to Cracker Barrel with them.  We had a good time visiting and eating with them. 
It’s funny, the last time we had zone conferences that the Stake Relief Society feed the missionaries (which we pay for the food and they choose and prepare it)  I think we had 6 days of pulled pork sandwiches for lunch.  This time we had a variety of things.  We had 1 day of pulled pork, a baked potato bar, soup & salad, Subway sandwiches, spaghetti, and taco salad.
Funny thing:  There is a home near us that put out a sign that said ‘Rhubarb’.  Well, of course, that sounded good.  So Dennis pulled into the drive way and walked up to the side entrance of the home and began knocking on the door.  I was in the car and noticed a big white rooster come up closer to the house.  Dennis didn’t get anyone to answer the door and started back towards the car.  He pivoted to the left just at the edge of the house and foiled the plans of that rooster.  He was ready to attack and when Dennis turned he stepped right on him.  The rooster looked a little ruffled and gathered himself up again.  Dennis wasn’t even paying attention to this enraged bird.  He went to the front door and began again, knocking and trying to get someone to come to the door.  He was about to give up when a lady came from the side of the house and told him not to move.  She went over to the rooster, who was ready to leap, and wacked it several times with a big old stick she carried.  She told Dennis that she never goes into the yard without her stick.  The rooster retreated and went into the back yard and began crowing.  (not sure what he had to crow about though) It wasn’t until we were leaving that Dennis saw the sign posted on a tree near the back door.   Beware of Rooster!  We got some rhubarb and made a recipe that looked good on Facebook. 

Yesterday we decided to help a set of sister missionaries.  Their apartment is the top story of an older home and it freezes in the winter and cooks in the summer.  They were sweltering.  We were able to get a window air conditioner and put it in for them.  They were thrilled!  It really is hard to get up in the morning when you are dripping wet from sweat.  That is a bad start for the day.  I hope it works well for them.
We attended church today and everyone is excited about the Memorial Day picnic tomorrow at noon.  We are all supposed to bring a dish to pass and the branch supplies hot dogs and hamburgers.  Sounds fun, right?  Hope it is moderately humid and hot!

Happy birthday on May 30 to Conner Jagielski and May 31 to Alexis Harris!  Congratulations to Summer Jagielski on her graduation and seminary graduation!  We love you all so much!

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  1. Alexis can show dad how to defend himself against a rooster. Ha ha. that was such a funny story. I love all the pictures of you two. The one in the tree and the one with the lilacs looks great of the both of you and we may have to print for sure. Only 5 more weeks until we get to come and see you guys!!!! I am so excited and can hardly wait. Love you both so much