Sunday, March 22, 2015

March 22, 2015

March 22, 2015
Monday:  We went to Pittsford for the office meeting.  It was good and we loaded up the car with about 40 IPads and protective cases to start our distribution of them on Tuesday morning.  The car had about $16,000 worth of devices.  We felt that we had been entrusted with a great assignment.  We went to Sam’s Club in Rochester to get some items for District meeting the next day and then went back to Batavia.  We went out with the missionaries and  came back and then Dennis colored my hair.  We made pigs in a blanket for the missionaries from our district the next day, along with chips, pop, and cookies.  We didn't get to the meeting because of our travels, but heard that they enjoyed the meal.
Tuesday:  We began the IPad trek by starting in our own district in Batavia.  It took about 1.5 hours at each stop to take the old IPads from the missionaries and issue them a new one.   They were given instruction on how to set them up and place the screen protector on and then put them into the cases provided.  It was all very clearly written down on the directions, but some didn't read the directions very well.  We made 4 stops on Tuesday, Batavia, Brockport, Westfall, and Pittsford.  We loaded up the car again and made our way home.  The Elders called us and told us that they needed a ride (their car had been hit in the door and was being repaired).  Dennis went to help them and came back with them and Amanda and Skyler.  The people assigned to give Amanda and Skyler the new member lessons had bailed on them and so the Elders brought them over for a lesson.  We watched the Book of Mormon movie and they really enjoyed it.  (we will do a lesson next time)
Wednesday:  We began very early because we had received word from the missionaries that Hornell didn't have internet this week and we would need to have their district go over to Wellsville.  It must be the most further out part of the mission.  It is on the border of Pennsylvania.  We thought that it was very pretty there.  There are actually large mountains there and a pretty little town.  We went from Wellsville to Penn Yan, Canandaigua, Fayette, Lyons,and Palmyra.  The missionaries were great and so receptive to everything they were asked to do.  They acted like Christmas had arrived.  The devices are their personal property now and they have to purchase them; they can take them home and use them at college.  We went back to Pittsford and picked up our last load.  We ate at a place called Moe’s on the way home.  It reminded us a little of Bajio or Café Rio—but not quite as good.    As we were leaving we saw there is a P.F. Changs near Moe’s.  We returned home late and were so tired!
This is where the church was organized

Thursday:  We began early again and made our way to the west—over towards Buffalo.  We went to Orchard Park, Buffalo, Amherst, Lockport, and Niagara Falls.  This was our best day of the three for the disbursement.  We really drilled it into the missionaries to follow the directions thoroughly and they would have more success in getting them set up correctly.  Surprise—they had great success and did it so quickly and carefully.  We were so happy—our job was complete!  We arranged to end up at the church nearest the falls so we could spend some time there.  However, Bill Haggerty called and his wife was ill and he wanted her to have a blessing.  He also needed dog food for his seeing eye dog and would we pick some up on our way.  We told him we were quite a ways from Batavia and that maybe he would like to get someone else, but he was determined that we should come.  We stopped at the falls for a quick look/see and returned home.  Dennis began getting a scratchy throat and Bill’s wife offered him a throat lozenge called, ‘Fisherman’s Friend’.  They are quite strong and seemed to do the trick.
River flowing toward the falls

Niagara Falls

Ice below the falls
Heading east out of Buffalo over a large bridge
Friday:  We were toast!  We didn't want to get up or even move; but we did!  We were glad that our schedule wasn't so tight for the rest of the day.  We got a text from the Elders and they reminded us that we had signed up for feeding the missionaries that night.  So, we went to the store and got items for the meal.  Then they said that only 2 could come.  So—I had plenty of food purchased so we invited Amanda and Skyler.  We went with them (we drive) to 2 appointments and then to  GCC (the community college in our town) with the town Elders and visited with 2 Japanese students (girls)  We were in part of the cafeteria and the acoustics were terrible and the noise level high.  I could hardly hear the girls plus they had very broken English.  The Elders weren't making too much progress and were talking about the commandments with them.  They finally asked, “What are commandments?”  They talked about the 10 commandments, but they were not familiar with them.  So, we turned to them in the Bible and the girls did not understand that either.  I got a piece of paper and began to write them down.  I explained them one by one (and that was difficult).  I didn't know if their families worshiped idols or not.  I told them everything as bluntly as I could.  It was difficult to explain ‘what does covet mean?’ to them.  I think they understood, but there are many language barriers that made it hard.  We hurried home, baked the meal and then all 4 missionaries and Amanda and Skyler showed up.  It was a great night!  We bought the SkipBo game and played it with Amanda and Skyler, it was fun and reminded me of doing this with my grandkids.  I miss doing this with them.  Most of them love to play games and we laugh and have fun together.  Please give all my 'littles' hugs for me!

Saturday:  We went over to the church for a memorial service for our Branch President’s brother in law.  He wasn't a member, but the President had all 4 missionaries talk about the Plan of Salvation.  They did it in a very simple, understandable way.  There were a couple songs, and some of the family talked and it was concluded.  They played the Randy Travis song "Will the Circle be Unbroken" in the chapel, and it really sounded out of place and twangy.  There were about 15 people of the family and 6 missionaries and 2 other branch members.  We prepared for Zone conferences next week.  We get to travel again to 3 different zones to present at each one.  (over the mission again)  We made a PowerPoint program and I hope that it is something that will keep their attention and drive home a few points.  We visited a sick sister and went to meet another sister that isn't active.  She invited us back on Monday afternoon as she was busy when we arrived.  We went to LeRoy to meet 3 other senior couples for dinner.  We met at a place called the Depot.  It was very nice.  We wanted to say our good byes to the Ray’s, as they will be going home next week.  They have been such a great help! 
Sunday:  We woke up to snow—again!  Two men fell down in the parking lot at the church and bruised their egos.  It was slick under the snow.  We had a good meeting about sustaining our leaders, especially to get ready for conference.  There was good information given.  The meetings were all good.  Our attendance was a little less than last week, but snow always keeps people home, I think.  We have a study at the church with the missionaries from the Book of Mormon tonight.  I am looking forward to that.  I guess Dennis got a little run down as he has a nasty cold now. 

Funnies:  I asked Dennis how his 'Fisherman's Friend' was working.  He said, "what?"  I asked again, and he looked at me like I was speaking another language. I again asked him and he still couldn't figure out what I was talking about.  I then said, "you know, the throat lozenges we got for you, how are they working?"  We laughed pretty hard!
We went to see a lady that couldn't invite us in because she was sick.  Well, I sometimes get tongue tied or something crazy and asked if she needed DRUGS.  (like we had them stuffed in our pockets)  So, I had to back up and say have you got antibiotics for your ailment?  Yes, she did and we weren't picked up by the police as drug peddlers.  The missionaries didn't say anything, but I bet they cracked up when they got in their car, because we sure did!
I don't know what happened this week with my hair!  It was like I had rubbed a balloon on my head for hours.  I had so much static that it was crazy!  I don't know if it was riding in the car and having a head rest or what, but I hope it doesn't continue this week.

Correction:  I mentioned that Chris would be able to go home for his antibiotic treatment, but that changed and he has to stay at the nursing home across the street from EIRMC for the treatment.  He is really loving that arrangement (NOT), but he is feeling so much better and we are so thankful for this blessing!

  1. Being able to grow up in the church and being taught the gospel from my youth!  That is a great blessing.  Even today in Gospel Essentials I remembered a class my Primary teacher had taught us on repentance and the steps in repenting.  Those things do stick to our minds!  It is a blessing to belong to the Church of Jesus Christ!
  2. Being able to see the humorous side to most things.  It's funny that a little humor can help us over so many hurdles.  We are meant to have JOY!

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