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March 9-15

Is it just me or does day light savings time make you tired too?
Monday:  We helped Susan get to a doctor’s appointment and some groceries.   We had a dinner appointment with Jacque Klein and she invited a non-member.  We talked about the gospel and invited her friend, Mary, to accept a Book of Mormon.  She declined.  We met with the Elders at Amanda’s home and they said their good-byes; as Elder Nottinham would leave for Brazil  because he received his visa and Elder Tomlinson would be transferred to another area.

Elder Cashmore, Elder Nottingham, Elder Littlefield, & Elder Tomlinson
Tuesday:  We went to the transfer meeting at Pittsford because 3 of our 4 Elders were transferred, and they didn’t have room to haul all the luggage in one car.  We received 10 new Elders to the mission.  (However we said goodbye to about that many great ones)  It is sad to see them leave.  The new ones seem so young and scared, but soon they are strong and courageous.  It is quite a transformation.  We had Relief Society enrichment that evening at the church and had a birthday party for Relief Society.  It was nice and Dennis and Skyler played Phase 10 during the meeting in another room.  Skyler amazed the new Elders with his knowledge of the plan of salvation.  (He can give the message as well as some missionaries)  Much of our thoughts have been centered upon Chris and his surgery.  We are so grateful that the doctor has found his problem and we are praying for him to have a quick and FULL recovery.  We are sad that he can’t just go home for his treatment, but hope that he is watched over and cared for by medical people, friends, family, and his loving wife and children. Update:  We just found out that he doesn't need 2 types of antibiotics and that he can have them as an out patient.  He can stay home.  Yahoo!

Wednesday:  We traveled to Geneseo for District meeting.  We had a good meeting and Sister Walker served a lunch of breakfast items.  The Elders like the food and we returned back around 1:45.  We went to a teaching appointment with the county Elders at 2:00 and met Sister Brenda.  We had a good discussion with her and invited her to be baptized.  She said she would like to be baptized and they gave her a date.  However, investigators must commit to attend church and she didn't make it today.  So, we hope for another visit and having her come to church.  As we were leaving her home I mentioned a drawing of a child on the wall.  It was a portrait of her 4 year old daughter that had been killed by being mauled by their dog and got caught in the chain of the dog and she thinks was strangled.  It was a horrible thing to hear about.  A friend had taken one of her pictures of the child and had drawn the larger portrait that hung on the wall.  I could see the resemblance of the mother and child, even though the mother is now an older woman.  I feel that we don't really know sorrow, and I really don't care to get that acquainted.  
Thursday:  We studied most of the day.  We went out to visit a less-active sister that is ill, but she didn't want company and wouldn't buzz us into her building.  We were able to identity many of the homes or apartments that the members of the ward live in here in Batavia.  The weather is getting nicer and we went for a walk outside without freezing.  We had the county Elders over for dinner and we had such a great discussion with them about the church.  They are great guys!

Friday:  We decided to take Susan some flowers as she has returned home from a hospital stay on Thursday.  She seemed happy to have them and said she was feeling some better.  We bought pizza and took it to the home of the Haggerty’s and had lunch and a home teaching visit with them.  We always have a laugh or two with them, and the spirit of the gospel.  We then went to Albion for a home teaching visit with the Longs.  We saw the damage the ice and snow had done to their home and were sorry for their trouble.  They took us to dinner in Greece and then for a beautiful drive up to Lake Ontario.  It was really a great time, but I felt that the message was a most needed and special one for them (from the Ensign).  The message of the Atonement is a special one for all of us!

Saturday:  We went to a teaching appointment with the city Elders and were met at the door by a young lady that said she had strep throat and couldn't see us.  We then picked up 2 members of the branch and went to the Hill Cumorah and viewed ‘Meet the Mormons’ with them and then went to the Temple and did an endowment session.  It was our branch temple day.  We returned home to go with the city Elders and meet a new investigator named Jodi.  We met her but she didn't have time to have a lesson.  Maybe next time.

Sunday:  We had a great church today!  The talks were about getting prepared for general conference.  Elder Merrill was able to confirm the Holy Ghost on Amanda and Skyler.  It was a wonderful meeting.   There were quite a few more people out today and I wonder if it is because the weather is much more moderate.  Whatever it is, I hope it continues.  We had the block of meetings and then they had ‘munch and mingle’ after church.  There were salads, sandwiches, and treats.  
A small chipmunk on our balcony
We  attended a program in Rochester tonight entitled, ‘The Accidental Hero’.  It is a one-man play depicting the journal of a man serving in World War II.  Our stake president has seen it and loved it.  He made arrangements for the stake members to see it tonight.  It was very inspirational about the man's grandfather's journals and his journey into the homeland of his ancestors, Czechoslovakia, during the war and how much he was able to help them and love them.  
Last Sunday we had Stake Conference and I didn't mention the theme of the meeting in my last post. The theme was 'love one another' --but they dissected the word another and made it 'the other'.  I have given a lot of thought this week into the meaning they had for the other.  There are so many people suffering, having troubles, and are different than each other.  There are lots of opportunities to see and help the other that we some times don't realize.  I think everyone here has some sort of trial or test they are going through.  Truth be known, everyone does either large or small.  We need to be more open to seeing them.  
  •  The opportunity to share the gospel to the people in New York and see the sacred sites here. 
  • The surgery Chris has had that will help him recovery from his broken bones and be whole again.
Interesting Fact:
The missionaries try to find 'celestial' parking places.  If they park some place that they have to back out of the passenger has to stand behind and guide them safely out of the place.  So, they love to park where they can pull out forward and not back up.  Thus--'celestial' parking.

Fortune Cookie saying:  (pretty good one we got at the dinner out with friends)
Judge each day not by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant!  (great for missionaries)

When we were here about a week we had to be up early the next morning and I had set the alarm for the time we needed.  I've been known to have some sleep talk problem, so I sat bolt upright that night and started talking quite loudly, "It's 2:48, it's 2:48, it's 2:48"  Dennis didn't move and I soon realized that it was just a crazy thing to do.  I don't know why, but we thought this was pretty funny the next day.
Tuesday night I awoke after hearing a loud thud and Dennis was sitting on the floor by the bed.  He was laughing and said, "I fell out of bed".  I know that I didn't crowd  him out or anything--he just got too close to the edge.  So, if you think that falling out is only for kids--it's not, grandpas can do it too!

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