Sunday, November 8, 2015

Nov. 8, 2015

November 8, 2015
We have had a great week, once again.  The weather this week has been in the 70s, but we are supposed to get colder weather and rain next week. 
Last Sunday we were saddened by the announcement that one of the Hannah boys (the family that had caused the problem the Sunday before) had a ruptured appendix and was hospitalized in the Buffalo hospital.  Everyone had a few different thought for the family last week.  They kept him in the hospital until Wednesday and then sent him home.  They didn’t do surgery, but have him on lots of antibiotics.  They weren’t to church today, so I don’t know more about his situation.  Several people have seen him and said that he looks fine.  I don’t know what strategy they are using for his recovery—some said just antibiotics is the only thing, some think they will do surgery after the antibiotics have done their job.  I hope that he will be alright.  I just remember how sick Cindy was and Zach Gneiting this summer.  They were so careful with Zach. 
It is deer season again.  Not only are they being hunted, but the highways are taking many of them.  We counted 10 on the way to church and back that were dead on the side of the road.  That seems like a lot of deer when you consider how many more miles this state has that we weren’t able to count. 
Elder Merrill went to Zone meetings last week to prepare the missionaries for winter driving.  He was going Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to meetings out of the office.  He will go again this week to 3 more.  He really enjoyed being with the missionaries and trying to help them understand snow and ice safety.  He did double duty on Thursday and went early in the morning to the Bishop Storehouse to unload a semi.  The Batavia branch had an assignment for 4 brothers to help with this project and he and 1 other man made it to help.  They got the job done despite the shortage of help.  (Super men!)
Here is a picture of a semi load of cabbage at a sauerkraut plant.  Dennis was standing there just staring and a man walked up to him and ask, “Can I help you?”  He answered that he was from Idaho and hadn’t seen anything like this before.  They both laughed and the man gave him some statistics.  They have been taking cabbage in since August and have about another month to go.  They process 800 tons of cabbage a day into sauerkraut.  Dennis told him of potato harvest and other Idaho things.

We had MLC (Mission Leadership Council)  on Friday and I was asked to do the mail portion of the meal.  We had 32 people and we made chili and corn bread.  Sister Kennedy made a salad and Sister Paskett had ice cream and a cookie.  Chris had told me about serving the kids from BYU-I with 115 lb. of chili and that they hadn’t left any.  He said everyone had loved it and I thought about trying my hand at chili too.  It has been quite a while since I have made chili and I think it was medium good chili.  (I made about 30 lb. of chili and it was almost all gone)  I don’t think I want to go up against Chris in a throw down.  It seemed harder than it should have been to get it to taste just right.  So, there are fallacies in getting older:
  • Things are not easier to do, and things do not just fall into place
  • Food still tastes good, and dieting isn’t easier
  •  Pimples still occur
  • Pantyhose are still ridiculous, but better than a stiff old girdle

Anyone that would like to add their feeling on getting older are welcome. 
We went to church today (reluctantly)  NOT really!  We both had to talk in sacrament meeting.  Our subject was the Spirit.  As I was reading information and putting together my talk I wondered about some of the things the Holy Ghost does for us and why I wasn’t have much inspiration on my talk.  On Saturday morning I woke up with a song playing in my head and this is the song,
“When Christ was on the earth, He promised He would send,
The Holy Ghost to comfort us, our true eternal friend.
The Holy Spirit whispers, with a still small voice
He testifies of God and Christ and makes our hearts rejoice.
And when we are confirmed, by sacred priesthood power,
The Holy Ghost is given to us to guide us every hour.
Oh, may I always listen to that still small voice
And with his light I’ll do what’s right each time I make a choice”
What a wonderful, powerful Primary song the Spirit reminded me of.  It taught such truths so simple and clearly.  We were able to give our talks and I felt good about them both. 
On Saturday we were asked to go to the Westfall building at 9:00 for a meeting for church histories.  (I have a new assignment—mission history)  We went and were honored to have as our teachers the Bushman’s .  He is the author of “Rough Stone Rolling” the history of the Prophet Joseph Smith.  Brother Bushman teaches at Columbia University and they were both very interesting.  They are true historians. 

After the meeting we picked up one of the missionaries cars and took it to trade it with sisters in Cattaraugus and then we took their pick up to Elders in Wellsville.  It took quite a while and we didn’t get home until well after dark.  It was only 7:30, but it was SO DARK!  The weather was beautiful for a nice drive.  The trees have mostly all dropped their leaves and you can see things that are hidden more clearly.  There are more houses than were here a couple of weeks ago.
We had lunch in Holland
We ate at the Zider Zee and it was VERY good
We are getting a new couple in the office this coming week and we are ready.  They will be living across the street and we hope to get along well with them.  (to be seen)  Their picture looks like they are younger than us and they look very friendly. 
Friday night little Adie (Jill’s 4 year old) sat down outside on a hot coal.  Jill had been burning trash around her yard, and Adie didn’t see the stick she sat down on.  She burned her leg quite badly and they have been working to keep her happy and clean from infections.  Please remember her in your prayers.  We talked to her on the phone and she said, “I’m fine, I’m tough!”  I couldn’t help but cry for her.
Happy birthday last week to Ava—she is 7.  We are so proud of ‘our little lovelies’  Also, Janet Summers and Phyllis Millar are having birthdays too, but not getting any older!  Happy Birthday my good, wonderful friends!
Ponderizing scripture for last week:

But as it is written, Eye has not seen nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. 1 Corinthians 2:9
The Sanders and Elder Detlor--this is their last day in the mission!

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  1. That is a lot of cabbage. So does it get dirty on the ground? That is crazy. You guys look so good in all the pictures. I love seeing you guys and I love seeing what you guys get to see and do. I miss you both and I am happy that your happy and enjoying your time there. Love you guys. xoxoxo