Saturday, November 14, 2015

Nov. 14, 2015

We have had another great week.  We got the new couple for the office on Monday, Nov. 11th.  They are very nice, and I will get a picture of them next week.  We had a nice luncheon for Sister Paskett and Sister Kennedy after our office meeting on Monday.  I think that they enjoyed it, but Sister Kennedy kept accusing me of trying to kill her by putting candied almonds on the Mandarin Salad.  (everyone else loved the salad)
Sister Paskett, Elder Merrill, and Sister Merrill

Elder Merrill, Sister Paskett, Sister Kennedy, Sister Merrill, Sister Workman and Elder Workman
The weather was nice most of the week.  We did have some rain, but on Saturday it started to get cold.  It looks like we may be starting winter.  I may have to get my coat out--dang!
We stopped and took a picture of how leaves are raked to the sidewalks here in Rochester.  They have a huge truck that goes around neighborhoods and sucks them up with a giant hose.  Seriously--a giant HOOVER picks up the leaves.

We have also seen this week a truck that brings new meaning to, "Bring out your dead"  (the funny, crazy line from Monty Python and the Holy Grail)  We passed a pickup full to the top of the bed with dead deer.  They don't let them stay on the side of the road as road kill, someone actually has the horrible task of gathering them all up and getting rid of them.  So, I won't be complaining about my joy ever again!
As we drove by an Amish area we noticed the corn tied together for their harvest.  Their lives may be less complicated, but not EASY.  This harvest method looks very time consuming.

Elder Merrill had 3 more Zone meetings to attend this week and he took this picture of the Zone in Batavia (the one we belong to).  They are sitting there reading, waiting for the meeting to begin. What great guys!

We drove over to Sam's Club this afternoon to get supplies for our transfer meeting on Monday.  We do a dinner for the new missionaries.  We will get 4 new missionaries and will lose 2 young sisters and 2 older sisters (our friends across the street).  On our drive we saw a large grassy area covered in geese.  We also saw these geese trying to get a drink in the Sam's parking lot.  We walked up to about 4 feet away from them and they didn't try to run off or fly away.   I had to think of my dad and the love he has of hunting ducks and geese.  I think I may be getting a little homesick!

We went to the Temple on Thursday night with the Lehman's.  They are such nice people and we love visiting with them.  I love hearing stories of their life and adventures.  He is always thinking and told us that he took gifts to all the veterans he knew on Veteran's Day.  (he was in Vietnam and understands the sacrifice)  I thought that was so nice and such well deserved recognition.   I'm thankful for all those that have spent their time in the service of our country.  Thanks Rob Jagielski!
Jill called yesterday and we talked about her friend Sadie Shippen Shanz.  She has a little boy that had cancer when he was about 7 months and had such a long, hard battle.  She was pregnant with a little girl last summer and lost that baby and she had to have brain surgery on Thursday for a tumor on the day that her baby would have been due.  We don't know too many details, but she will need lots of brain rest at this point to recover.  Our heart and prayers go out to her.  Jill asked me why Sadie has had so many trials and difficulties.  I don't know the grand plan, but in reading D&C 122 this morning it seems that it may have been written for that question.  Even if we are asked to go through  many trials, it is for our good and understanding and that the Lord, himself, suffered everything.  Everything will be compensated!
Adie is such an incredible little girl.  She has had to have her leg scrubbed 2 times each day to keep from getting too bad of scars from her 2nd and 3rd degree burns.  I asked Jill if Adie cried when she did it for her.  She said, "Yes, she did, but I don't do it for her.  She does it herself." She carefully takes all of the skin off 2 times each day and doesn't fuss about it at all.  I'm so proud of what a little 'tough' girl she is. I told Jill it made me cry to think of how it hurt her and she said to tell grandma not to cry " I'm tough".
Life is good, life is a TEST.  We need to endure to the end.  The best is yet to come!

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  1. I must not be tough... you made me cry. Your such a good writer and I love the scripture you found. It looks like we are going to get to do a little missionary work at our house. There is a friend of Alexis's that wants to take the discussions and also the family next door. The missionary's asked if they could teach them at our house. We are so excited to see how everything goes. Love you both and miss you....