Saturday, November 28, 2015

Nov. 28, 2015

Another one bites the dust (weeks).  Hard to believe!  Happy Thanksgiving (after the fact)  We ate at the Haggerty's and it was very nice.  I took rolls, a jello salad, a chocolate and coconut cream pie and a bought pumpkin pie.  The price of the pumpkin pie was $5.00 at Sam's Club and I figured that I couldn't make one for that price.  The 4 Elders were there also, so we had a big crowd for a small kitchen.  We had lots of food and I think that everyone liked it.  It was funny how the Elders ate; one ate his slowly and I thought maybe he didn't like it, (but ate it all) and one wolfed it down without a breathe in between.  The fast eater is a very nervous young man, really cute and funny, but nervous.
Playing Tenzie-Sister Merrill, Elder Peters, Elder Detlor, Sister Haggery, Elder Rushton, and Elder Scott
We should have gotten a picture of Brother Haggerty, in the other room in a turkey coma.
Intense game--they didn't want to lose (New Jenga game in the center of the table)
We talked about being thankful for what we have and this message was shared with us by Sister Spencer when we had FHE on Monday night.
Think about everything you thanked Heavenly Father for in your most recent prayer.  Think hard! Now, imagine getting up tomorrow and having only those things that you thanked Him for.  That makes you think, doesn't it?  Everything is from Him and we are nothing without Him.  Let's be thankful.  'In nothing is God more offended than by him that doesn't give thanks' (paraphrased)
I talked with Brother Selvage yesterday and I asked him about his Thanksgiving dinner with the other site missionaries.  They had all gotten together and had dinner at the Palmyra Inn.  Here is what he had to say, 'when you get that many ladies (older) with that much experience and ask them to do a nice dinner--they come up with their very best recipes and try to out do each other.'  He said it was fantastic!
Tomorrow is our Primary program.  There were 6 kids there last Sunday.  I hope we have enough to be heard when they sing.
We went to work half of the day yesterday, (black Friday) and then we ran a few errands.  We thought that Macy's had some good buys.  It is a  large store here in the mall.  We have some missionaries here from other countries and the President asked that we get some some gifts on hand in case they don't get anything for Christmas. Now I would like to apologize to Greg for his lack of gifts on his mission to Africa.  We crammed what we could think of into a box and it wasn't very much or very good.  He reminds us that everyone else had piles of gifts and he had his little box.  I'm sure that the postage for the box out priced the contents inside.  We are sorry!  I see now that it is a lifeline to home to have things arrive and that it means a lot to the missionaries.   I hope his mission president didn't have to subsidize his happiness.
I've had a big frustration the past 3 weeks.  A fellow that was the financial person a few years ago took it upon himself to install Time Warner Cable in all the site missionaries apartments and have the mission pay for this service.  The contract ended Oct. 23 and we have been trying to get 16 apartments to give up equipment (equipment they charge $300 for if not returned) and have TW turn off the service.  Another senior elder got involved and it has made it very difficult. (however, TW has been part of the problem also)  I think we are just about at the end of this fun.  I sure hope so.  It's funny how this all was perceived.  Some thought I should lessen their mission cost because they weren't getting this service now.  Funny how we all see the use of sacred tithing funds!  I can feel my blood pressure rising as I type. (will stop now)
On a drive the other morning we saw this site:
This deer must have decided to die on the front porch.  However, when I rolled down the window it smelled like it wasn't fresh kill.
Life is good, we are blessed beyond belief, and Heavenly Father loves us all!

Happy birthday to Becky, Jaquel, Cruze!  Happy Anniversary to Butch and Janice (mom and dad)! We love you all! and anyone else that had a birthday or special occasion last week.!
Hey we just looked outside and we are going to have to run--they are here for us!

LOL!  Just a driver waiting for a client and stopping for a few minutes.  Elder Merrill went out and talked with him and he didn't know who Brigham Young was.  Guess he didn't want information on the John Young home.
Mormon 6:19
O ye fair ones, how could ye have departed from the way of the Lord!  O ye fair ones, how could ye have rejected that Jesus, who stood with open arms to receive you!

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