Sunday, May 15, 2016

May 15, 2016

We began our week on Monday by taking the local young sisters (myself and Sister Spencer) out to lunch.  We then took them to visit the Brigham Young baptismal spot and other things in Mendon that couple of hours with them.  However, on the way to our home they mentioned that they both had very itchy scalps and that they were worried that they had lice.  EIICKK!  Just the mention of lice, makes me itch!  We talked about the scenarios accompanying lice and them transferring.  We were able to get the mission nurse to look at their heads and she felt that they only had very dry scalps.  Thank heavens!  Everyone thinks that we have lots of humidity, but it is very dry to me.  Lotion is a must!
We prepared meals for the outgoing missionaries and the incoming ones on Monday and Tuesday evenings.  I had asked Elder Longhurst what he wanted to eat for his last meal at the mission home and he asked for Chicken Waikiki. We will really miss that Elder!  I made it for both nights and only the President’s family had to have it twice.  He said he didn’t mind.  We had 9 missionaries leave and 9 come in the same day.  It is such a blessing to get these new missionaries.  It’s funny to see their pictures on our mission program (IMOS) and then see them in person.  One of the elders looked like a regular sized 18 year old and he is a very big 6’ 4” man.  It really is surprising!  I asked him if he felt he had quit growing or not and he said he sure hoped not.  He wants to get taller.
We had Sister McConkie, 1st counselor in the Young Women’s General Presidency, come to the church where the mission office is on Friday and deliver a talk to all the sisters that could congregate for a 2 hour meeting at 10:00 in the morning.  She and others from the Presidency are visiting the northeast and did stopped over for our meeting and then went onto Boston and other places.  She talked with our area 70, S. Marc Clay, they did a great job.  She talked about the word REMEMBER  and how we need to remember the covenants we’ve made and the blessings we have been given.  We need to remember our legacy, endowment, and the gift of our inheritance.  She quoted President Uckdorft as saying that ‘no life is so shattered that it cannot be restored.’  Remembrance brings gratitude.  She also talked about those that are dammed.  She talked about how a dam that holds back water is like the dammed mentioned in the scriptures; those that are dammed cannot move forward but are kept from progressing.

Sister Merrill, Sister McConkie, Sister Spencer
Before the meeting began I spoke with President Francis about training someone for our callings and he said that he hadn’t seen the application for the new people that would be coming to the office.  We wondered how they might be trained as their arrival date is July 15.  (which is a Friday) The 16th and 17th is a weekend and we are leaving on the afternoon of the 18th.  That doesn’t allow much time.  After the meeting with Sister McConkie I looked at my email and I had a nice letter from the Jones’s.  They will be coming and have asked that they drive over from Michigan and then fly to Utah to the MTC and then they could be here a few days earlier.  I couldn’t believe it and President Francis and I felt that so many tender mercies had been given to us.  I said, “all I had to do was ask, and I was answered by email.”  That was so wonderful!  I’m not sure who will do what jobs in the office, but now the President can make a decision and we can prepare.  I have been working on a manual for what I do. 
We went to Seneca Lake yesterday for a service project of tree planting.  They planted over 2,000 trees last year and wanted to plant about that many yesterday.  The Spencer’s came with us and we were asked to be the leaders for our group of volunteers from 6 stakes.  We were given an area to plant and about 60 trees.  Well, we decided to just start and it was a good thing, because we didn’t get anyone to come help us.  I don’t know who didn’t get the memo out to everyone, but we were the only 4 from the Rochester Stake to participate.  Oh, well—it was a nice day and we were outside in a beautiful place!  In about 20 years someone may like what we did there yesterday.

We came home and cleaned up and made chicken noodle soup and went to Batavia for the memorial service for Sister Pierce.  It was very well attended and was a nice celebration of her life.  She was 59.  She had suffered so much that her family was at peace with her passing.  We had so much food left over last night that we served it for munch and mingle at noon today. 
It is nice and getting greener every day here.  We had a few snow flurries as we were driving into Batavia this morning, but they didn’t amount to anything.  We are happy and busy.  It is such a blessing to see the hand of the Lord in so many things here.  He really does love each and every one.  He wants to have us back again.  We talked in Sunday School about having faith in Christ.  I thought about it quite a bit and thought how we had to have faith in Him in the pre-existence.  He had to know that he would carry out the plan and that we would be able to return to Heavenly Father because of his gift for us.  We had to KNOW that he would do that for us!  Because of that faith then, I have additional faith now.  He can do all things!  I am so grateful for Him and love Him so much!
We had supper at the Spencer’s tonight and they invited Elder Spencer’s cousin, who is serving in the Temple here.  He brought a new video call ‘Infinite Gift’.  It was very moving!  It really drove home what He does for each of us. 

Happy birthday this Saturday to my wonderful sweetheart, Dennis Merrill!  I love that guy!

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  1. I couldn't see two of your pictures so I don't know if they didn't load right or if it is just on my end. I am so glad you guys are doing so well. I love you both so much and love the example you are setting for me and my kids. they love you and think you are the best (because you are) We all can not wait to come to you nork!!!! love you