Sunday, May 8, 2016

May 8, 2016

Spring is officially here!  The weather is nice and trees are getting their leaves.  When I was getting ready for church this morning I asked Elder Merrill what the temperature was outside.  He looked at his phone (of course that is the best way to know what the temperature is) and told me that it was 70 degrees.  Then he said it would be 48 by 5:00 p.m.  That seemed odd and I questioned his findings.  Then he said, “I’m not sure where it will be 70, but it isn’t 70 here at this time.”  I had already began putting on spring clothes, and so it became a spring day.  It is nice outside!
We visited 'Highfalls' last week.  Here is a picture
We had our sacrament meeting/mother’s day program today.  The 2nd counselor in the branch presidency is very hard of hearing and had forgotten that it was Mother’s day.  He had asked his wife to talk with him and their subject was forgiveness.  When he got up to speak had began by explaining that the battery for his hearing aid on the ear that he could hear out of had died and that he hadn’t heard anything his wife had said and that he hoped that he didn’t repeat anything she had talked about.  He is a very nice man.
Our Branch President asked me last week if I would help his wife at the Temple on Friday night.  I had thanked him for the opportunity to help them.  She loved going to the Temple and he was going to get a room at the Palmyra Inn (close to the Temple) so it didn’t wear her out.  We went to the Temple, but they didn’t show up.  After we got home I looked on Facebook and found out that she had passed away on Thursday night.  We took some things over to their home after church to make sandwiches, etc. 
We will be sending home 10 missionaries on Tuesday and receiving 9.  I asked Elder Longhurst what he would like for his ‘last supper’ at the mission home.  He asked for Chicken Waikiki (Sweet and sour) and so we are making it for Monday and Tuesday night.  Dennis is getting the chicken ready to fry.  He thinks that he needs a slicer next. 
We went to a few yard sales yesterday and I thought they were a bust.  Then we went to one that had a bunch of fabric and the man was telling me that his mother had passed away and that she loved to sew.  I saw a container that had a few sewing notions in it and saw a rotary cutter.  I asked him how much he needed for the entire container.  He said $3.00 and I told him I would give him $5.00.  I picked it up and he began putting other stuff into the container to bring it up to $3.00.  There were 3 rotary cutters (all different sizes) a pair of Ginger scissors, and other great items.  I didn’t feel good about $5 and gave him $10.  What a bargain!  Sister Spencer had a ball and got quite a few things too!  
Happy Birthday to Janet Stucki,and Jill Harris this week!  Happy Mother's day to our dear mothers and the wonderful mothers to our grandchildren.  We love you all so much!

Britton's birthday and baptismal day--congratulations!

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  1. you know if you think hard enough about finding a cutter you will find it.... just like the ice-cream maker.