Sunday, June 14, 2015

June 14, 2015

June 8, 2015  After work today we went to Buffalo to pick up Chris, Cindy and Tessa.  They flew in from Idaho Falls.  It was so nice to see them.  We stayed at the apartment in Batavia. 
June 9, 2015  We had Zone Conference at Batavia and President Francis had us do our part near the beginning.  After we were done we visited Letchworth Park, Lamb Dairy, and Devil’s Rock.  We had a great time at each place.  We ate pizza for lunch and went to the family diner for supper. We showed them things that took us about 3 months to see in an afternoon.   We played games at the apartment and had a great day.

June 10, 2015  We had Zone Conference in Buffalo and went to see Niagara Falls after conference.  We took the Maid of the Mist tour and got up close to the falls.  While we were on the way back it began to rain and then a huge clap of thunder scared us.  It was so loud in that canyon.  

We had lunch in Buffalo at the Cheesecake Factory, which is always a treat.  We came back to the farm home and showed them around.  We took them into Pittsford later in the evening and we ate at Tom Wahl’s (a burger place that is really good)  we showed them the office and Wegman’s Grocery store.  It is such a nice market.  On the way a HUGE rain storm began and then hail.  We couldn’t even see.  We pulled over for awhile and then drove slowly home.  The power was out and we used flash lights to get ready for bed. 
A garbage plate at Tom Wahls

June 11, 2015  We let Chris, Cindy, and Tessa sleep in today and went to Zone Conference at Westfall without them.  (it was close and we came back after our presentation)  We went to Palmyra and saw the Hill Cumorah, The Sacred Grove, Grandin Printing Press, the Martin Harris home, and ate lunch at Nima’s  (we had calzones).

Here we are at the Martin Harris home

The Stake had Priesthood meeting at the Hill Cumorah and before the meeting we went back into town and saw a drive in that had lots of people at it.  We decided to get an ice cream.  A lady told us to get a kiddie cone, and then she said—‘no get half a kiddie’.  It was HUGE!  We were eating our cones and met some people from Idaho Falls and then Chris said, “I think that guy over there owns the Wendy’s in Rigby—or someone looks just like him”.  Yes, he was from Rigby too.  It was fun to visit with them too.  We went shopping at the Eastview Mall while the men went to Priesthood meeting.  It was a nice day! 
June 12, 2015  We went into the office and worked about ½ a day.  We went to Lake Ontario in the afternoon.  It was cold and windy at the Lake, but it was pretty with the fog coming in.  

We went to supper at a China Buffet and then we went home and visited with the ladies from the office for quite a while.  Dennis and Tessa put leaves in covers and we had a good visit.
June 13, 2015  We took it easy in the morning and slept in a little.  We drove over to Penn Yan and went to the Windmill.  It is a large market where Tessa got cotton candy and we bought some pretty pies from an Amish booth.  We thought the pies would be delicious, but we were disappointed.  We drove over to Seneca Lake Camp and had a nice ride on the golf cart around the property.  We also went to Fayette to the Whitmer Farm where the church was reorganized.  It was a great day!  We had dinner at an Italian place on the way back.  We were so tired when we got home, we got things ready to go to church and went to bed.

June 14, 2015  We got up early and drove to Batavia to church.  We had a good time at church and then Chris made Mongolian beef for the missionaries at the apartment.  They enjoyed church and everyone was so happy to meet them.  They were a hit!  We couldn’t get Tessa to talk to anyone.  (she claims that she talked to the missionaries)  Sister Haggerty made her a little purse.  It was so nice of her.

Funnies:  One of the branch members mentioned to Cindy that people had been afraid there was a drought because there had been 2 weeks without rain.  (it has rained almost every day that they have been here in New York)  We thought that was ironic--considering Idaho gets such a little rain (usually).

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  1. I love your new dress in the last picture. You look beautiful. Looks like such a fun time with Chris and Cindy. Can't wait to come and see you. My older kids all have been praying to come and see you. I told them if they could earn enough money this summer they could come. (they did a lemonade stand and made 35$ one day and then 40 the next) (that is almost thirty bucks an hour..... not bad huh) Love you both a ton. Jill