Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 28, 2015

First off—I want to tell you about the concert we had the evening of Father’s Day.  It was wonderful!  It was called ‘How Great Thou Art’ and the members of the Palmyra Stake, along with many missionaries put it on.  There were many good numbers, but there were 3 very exceptional ones.  The people that live in the Palmyra Stake are very talented.  There are some that attend or work at the Eastman School of Music or some of the other colleges here (there is usually a college in every large town here)  Even Batavia has a 2 year college there.  The last number was done by a lady and she sang I Stand All Amazed.  It was a different version than I have heard before and it was spectacular.  It brought everyone to tears—it was that good and the spirit was so strong! 
June 22, 2015  We didn’t have our office meeting this morning.  There was a young sister that was in need of counseling and that took precedence.  We had a good day and went over to Honeyoye Falls after work to look around.  It is so pretty there (and we are very close).  There is a small water fall that is just behind main street.  It is a really fun town.  We liked it very much!

June 23, 2015  We worked and the Kenworthy’s came into the office right before lunch.  They asked us to go to lunch with them and we didn’t have to have our arms twisted.  They are a nice couple from near St. George that are working at the Seneca Camp.  They brought their 5th Wheel trailer all the way from St. George.  They like living in it.  We showed them a few things around here and the Young farm.  They were excited about everything and he loved the Mushroom house/Star Wars.  It has recently been sold so we probably won’t be able to get pictures up close when someone moves in.  I posted pictures of it in an earlier blog.  We went over to the Eastview Mall after work to trade an IPad that was defective.  Bother, that Apple store—they have people waiting hours to get help.  They are so busy—you would think that things were free!  We didn’t get home until 9:00.
June 24, 2015  We spent the day at the office and then studied and had supper. Nothing too exciting!
June 25, 2015  We were face timed by the kids after Brent’s baptism.  Everyone looked so good and so happy.  We were sad that we couldn’t be there, but happy that it was such a great event for the family and are so proud of dad (Grandpa Butch) being able to baptize him.  

We went to Greece and met the Long’s for a home teaching visit.  They like the China Buffet in Greece so we spent a couple of hours talking with them and enjoying dinner.  It was nice that they would meet us half way.  The drive to Albion is over an hour. 
June 26, 2015  We worked all day and then went home.  This is Dennis’ first month of being the car czar and he has had 4 accidents to worry about.  Two of the accidents were totally avoidable and were stupid mistakes made by young men (Elders), one was an older gentleman backed into the missionary car in the church parking lot, and one was caused by wind slamming a door into another car in a parking lot.  So, Elder Merrill’s hair is getting thinner!!
June 27, 2015  We had an overcast, rainy day.  We went over to the storage unit and surveyed what there was in storage.  Wow!  I was surprised how many pamphlets were there.  (missionary pamphlets)  I don’t think I will need to order any of those materials while I am here.  I am busy ordering Book of Mormons though.  The President challenged the missionaries to give out more Book of Mormons and they have committed to giving out LOTS.  Plus the pageant is coming up in July and we will need lots for that.  I am excited to see the pageant and it will be good to have the Jagielski’s here for that!  We are looking forward to their visit.  Yahoo!  Can’t wait!!  But like Annette says, ‘it’s hard to wish it here, because then it goes so quickly and then it’s over.’  That’s true, but we are still excited to show them around.
We got our tickets to come home in August for the sealing of our family.  We will leave here on Aug. 18 and return on the 22nd.  It won’t be a long visit—but quality, rather than quantity.  Right? 
June 28, 2015  We attended church and enjoyed being with the people there.  It’s funny how we feel like we belong there now.  I will be glad when the Haggerty’s get back from Arizona.  I have played the music the past 2 weeks and I don’t feel that confident. 
Here are some pictures of the inside of our home.

Notice the low ceilings--we can actually touch them!

What a blessing to have a washer and dryer!

This is the upstairs--there are 3 twin beds, 1 queen and a bathroom

Blessings:  We are so blessed to be surrounded by good people; family, friends, and ward members.  They are such a strength and support.  We need to be able to help each other through the tough times as well as the good.  It is a blessing to BELONG!

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  1. The house looks so cute! We missed you at the baptism, and knew you were there in spirit. WE all love you so much!!! You sound like you are doing great, keep it up.