Sunday, June 21, 2015

June 21, 2015

June 15, 2015  We went into the office for our weekly meeting and then back to our home to get Chris, Cindy, and  Tessa.  We planned to take a cruise on the Erie Canal and so we went over to get tickets.  The schools had booked field trips for the day on the cruise and it wasn’t available to the public.  So, we went and had junk plates (Dennis and Chris) at Tom Wahl’s.  They loved them!!  We drove over to Batavia and got the apartment ready for 1 last night sleep.  We took them to Pauly’s for supper later in the evening.  They liked it. 

June 16, 2015  We got up early and drove into Buffalo.  Chris, Cindy, and Tessa had an 8:20 flight back to Idaho Falls.  It began raining while we were on our way.  I think that Tessa loved having it rain so much here, because she was able to use her umbrella several times.  She really loves umbrellas.  After they left we drove back to Palmyra for Zone Conference.  We made it on time.  We thought that we might drive out of the rain, but we didn’t—it rained harder and harder.  When we finished Zone conference—it was a beautiful sunny day.  The weather here changes often.  We felt lonely when we got home with the kids.  It was so nice to be able to show them around and see them.  We went into the office and stayed late to catch up on some of our work.
They cut a hole through the middle of the tree for the electric lines
June 17, 2015  We got up early and drove to Buffalo (again) for Zone Conference.  Dennis is now the car czar and he checks everyone’s cars.  He makes them check the fluids, tires, and anything else that could go wrong with their cars.  After that has all been done, he rates the cleanliness of their cars.  Some of them had worked really hard on getting them into tip top shape, and some of them had hardly worked.  It was a difficult choice on the good ones and the ones that had the ‘golden plates’ (the cleanest car for the zone for that period of time gets a license plate holder that says golden plates) really expected to win them again—but were sadly disappointed when they didn’t get the prize.  We stopped at Batavia and gathered up loose ends and laundry from the apartment. 
June 18, 2015  We got up early and drove to Canandaigua for the last Zone Conference.  It was a beautiful morning and the conference was good.  President Francis challenged the missionaries to read the Book of Mormon in 6 weeks.  (there is a schedule)  Along with all the reading—we are to mark every time it says--
  •         something about Jesus
  •        something about His character
  •         His words
  •        His doctrine

We all got new inexpensive Book of Mormons for this project.  Mine has already got lots of color to it.  There is so many references to Christ in the Book of Mormon.  How can people think that we are not Christians?
We went to our home and got some furniture to take to Batavia (making a switch) and then we went to Batavia to get the things out of that apartment that aren’t Elder approved (it had to be Elderized).  We went with the Workmans.  They had a pickup and we were able to get that done without too much difficulty.
Barbara, Nancy, mom and dad called and told us that Brent had called them and told them that he will be baptized on June 25.  Dad is going to baptize him.  We are so happy and wish we could be there for this wonderful occasion.  Another miracle and blessing!
June 19, 2015  We spent the entire day at the office.  We got so much accomplished!  It was great!  We went over to Henrietta after work and got a few groceries and dinner.  It was a nice evening.
June 20, 2015  We went to a few garage sales(yes, they do have them here—and they are GOOD!)  We had been authorized to get a new couch and so we were able to find a nice one at a furniture store that was reasonably priced for the home.  I think it will be great!  We had lunch and looked for apartments in Pittsford that the Elders could move to.  The President asked that we look because one of our contracts had gone up in price for next year.  We were not able to find anything less than what we have so we will report that to the President at our Monday meeting.  We made a jello salad for ‘munch and mingle’ after church on Sunday along with a sausage dip and chips. 
June 21, 2015  Happy Father's Day!  What a great day!  We love our fathers, grandfathers, sons, son-in-laws, etc.!  We went over to Batavia to church and I played the music for the day.  The Haggerty’s went to Arizona for 2 weeks and I tried to make Bill feel better about going.  He was worried about his calling as organist and didn’t want to go.  I asked if anyone else could play the organ.  He said no.  So I asked if anyone else could play the piano—he said no.  So, I told him that I would do it for him if he would go and have a good time.  It was alright playing for them.  I need to practice more.  BUT—thanks mom and dad for giving me the lessons and having the patience to make me practice.  It is good to have this talent to use for situations like this.  I appreciate it, thanks again!
Munch and mingle was a hit.  Lots of people brought dishes today.  Many of the people liked my dishes and asked for the recipes.  That’s always nice!
Dennis got some nice pictures this afternoon.  We really are in the cradle of the restoration!  We need missionaries (senior couples or single sisters) to come to this mission.  If you are interested, please call and we can help that process.  Steve Aldrich and DeeAnna are hoping to come here soon--and we are hoping they can also!
If you are interested in just a visit, let us know.  We love company!
Barn on the John Young property (our home)
Cow stanchin in the barn

Elder Merrill (selfie) for Father's Day!
The stream they stopped up to get enough water for baptism

Deer in the field by our home

Blessing:  My dad was made an Elder today (June 21, 2015)  We are so proud of him!  Way to go dad!

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